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Guns are drawn on Lucifer. He's upset that Chloe thinks he killed the preacher man. He starts laughing. He challenges the cops to shoot him. One cop is trigger happy and shoots him, but Lucifer disappears.

Amenadiel grabbed Lucifer and took him to a rooftop. Lucifer wants to go back to Hell, but Amenadiel says no.

Back at the Lux, the body is being taken away. Malcolm sees Maze's knives and takes one. Chloe talks to Dan. She thinks he's innocent. When a cop comes up with the gun recovered at the scene, Dan agrees Lucifer is innocent as well. The gun is the same one he took out of evidence for Malcolm. Dan says he needs to talk to Chloe and tell her everything.

 Lucifer doesn't understand why Amenadiel won't take him but to Hell. Amenadiel says he needs to make things right first. So he asks Lucifer for help in catching Malcolm and sending him back to hell.

The brothers go to Amenadiel's office to work out a plan when Dr. Martin walks in. She immediately thinks Amenadiel stole her client, but Lucifer tells her they need to talk to her.

Dan is at Chloe's place. She slaps him after he tells his tale. She's angry. Dan wants to make things right by helping her prove Lucifer's innocence.

Dr. Martin is having a difficult time believing the brothers are actually brothers. They are arguing, then a lightbulb goes off in Lucifer's head on how to solve the Malcolm problem. Lucifer thanks Martin and they take off.

At the Lux, Maze is taking shots when Chloe shows up. She asks about Lucifer. Maze gets snarky. She blames Chloe for ruining the party she and Lucifer had going since they came to L.A. Chloe tells Maze she doesn't think Lucifer killed the preacher man and asks Maze for help. Maze tags along.

Lucifer and Amenadiel show up at a wake. They want to talk to the funeral director. Lucifer starts admonishing the guests at the wake. Finally, the funeral director takes Lucifer aside. The funeral director's side job is to provide fake ids which Lucifer thinks Malcolm is looking for now that he's on the run. They ask about Malcolm and the funeral director tells them all he knows, including the fact that Malcolm didn't have enough money for the documents..

Chloe and Maze go to Malcolm's house. Maze starts asking Chloe why she became a cop. Chloe says because she can't stand when people get away with things.

Malcolm's wife thinks they are Malcolm and starts shooting a rifle. She tells them how he's been acting weird. She doesn't know where he's at. He said he went out for a beer. Dan calls Chloe and they share information. Dan has no idea what "going out for a beer" means.

Lucifer and Amenadiel are in Dan's office. He wants to know why they are there. Amenadiel says they are hunting for Malcolm and want to know what he knows. Dan says he doesn't know and Lucifer works his charms on Dan who reveals he wants redemption. Then a light bulb goes off with Dan and he realizes that "going out for a beer" means Malcolm is visiting a brewery where Malcolm sells evidence drugs to a dealer.

Amenadiel and Lucifer disappear in a flutter when Dan's back is turned. Dan calls Chloe and shares information. Chloe says she'll meet Dan at the brewery.

At the brewery, Malcolm is trying to make a deal with the dealer. The goons hear a noise and take off after seeing one of their men down via security camera. This leaves Malcolm alone with the head guy. Malcolm pulls a gun and demands he put money in a bag. The dealer complies and Malcolm takes off.

A bunch of goons come upon Amenadiel and Lucifer. Amenadiel wants to stop time, but Lucifer convinces him to fight it out. They fight the goons, knocking all of them out.

Lucifer absently puts his hand on Amenadiel's shoulder like a friend. It makes them both uncomfortable after they realize what Lucifer did. They split up to find Malcolm.

Chloe and Maze arrive.

Amenadiel is turning a corner when Malcolm shows up and shoves the demon knife in him. Amenadiel goes down. Lucifer comes upon the scene thinking Amenadiel is trying to keep Malcolm to himself. Malcolm runs when he sees Lucifer. Lucifer sees Amenadiel's wound and stays, but Amenadiel sends him off to find Malcolm. Maze arrives and says she'll take care of Amenadiel.

Chloe is chasing Malcolm. She shoots and Malcolm drops the money bag. Lucifer comes up behind her and she points gun at him. She tells him she knows he's innocent, but they have to work together to fix the issue. Dan shows up and tells Lucifer and Chloe he has the evidence they need to implicate Malcolm.

Maze takes Amenadiel to the Lux. She pulls out the feather and heals Amenadiel.

Dan turns himself in at the station. Chloe gets a call from Malcolm saying he has Trixie and to bring him his money.

Chloe gets the bag of money from another cop. She goes to her car, but is stopped by another cop in a car who flashes lights. It's Lucifer who demands to what's going on. Chloe tells him, and he tells her he won't go with.

Chloe arrives at hangar. She wants Trixie before she'll hang over the cash. She tells Trixie to hide and she opens the trunk for the money. Malcolm grabs the money and is going to shoot Chloe but a paper airplane flies by his face. Lucifer is behind him. When Malcolm turns around, Chloe takes off. 

Lucifer approaches Malcolm. Malcolm shoots Lucifer. He's mortally injured and is dying. Malcolm tells him he's going to kill Chloe next.

Malcolm chases after Chloe. Chloe is hiding but saw everything and sees Lucifer dying.

Lucifer talks to God and asks him to spare Chloe's life, that he'll do anything in exchange for that.

Lucifer ends up in Hell. He's walking through and sees a wide open gate. Then he comes back to life, uninjured.

Malcolm rears his ugly head and Chloe shoots him. Malcolm is dying and Lucifer taunts him. He makes the coin disappear. Malcolm dies.

Trixie comes out of hiding. Chloe tells Lucifer she can't believe he's alive. He's going to talk to her, but later when Trixie isn't around.

Lucifer goes back to the Lux and tells Amenadiel that he's talked to "dad" and he answered. He says "mom" escaped from hell and he has to find her.



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Lucifer Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Lucifer: I'll go willingly. Please, just take me back to hell.
Amenadiel: No.
Lucifer: You don't want to take me back to Hell? The one bloody thing you wanted this entire time? Did I punch you in your head too hard?

I thought you were different, but I was wrong. You're just like all the others.