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Lucifer is taking Chloe to the hospital in her car. They try to figure out how it happened. Chloe insists they not go to the hospital. She wants to find the antidote. So he turns around and they go back to the station.

They call Ella in who's still in her pajamas. They don't tell her Chloe is infected, because Chloe is worried she'd freak out. Ella tells them that the antidote doesn't exist anymore.

Lucifer talks to Amenadiel who shows up at the station. He's angry. So is Amenadiel. They talk about being betrayed by God. Lucifer tells Amenadiel about Chloe being poisoed.

Chloe interrupts. She has an idea to visit the guy who helped the professor bring in the poison.

Chloe arrives at the party where the guy is and he takes her to the bedroom. Lucifer is waiting to get information about the ingredients for the antidote. As they leave, Chloe passes out.

Chloe is in the hospital. Dan and Lucifer argue about not bringing her in earlier. 

Dan and Lucifer visit D. Maddox who the other guy said had information about the antidote. The guy isn't very helpful. Dan punches him and guns are drawn. The goons take Lucifer and Dan into a back room. Dan gets beat up, but then Lucifer gets out of cuffs and takes care of business. Lucifer works his charms on Maddox, but the only thing the guy wants is for someone to buy his art instead of buying it out of fear.

They get the list of antidote ingredients. He doesn't have the formula. Only the professor had the forumla.

Charlotte shows up at the hospital. They talk and Lucifer comes up with an idea on how to save Chloe. He's going to go to Hell to chat with the professor. He just needs to die.

Lucifer meets with Maze, Amenadiel, Charlotte, and Dr. Linda about his plan to die and come back.

Amenadiel is upset that Dr. Linda knows who they all are. Then they get back to business. Dr.Linda is trying to come up with a better solution than dying, but there is no choice.

Charlotte can't go along with any plan and leaves. Amenadiel and everyone else stays behind to helps.

Lucifer decides Dr. Linda will be bringing him back from the dead.

Lucifer shows up at the hospital and tells Dan to get all the ingredients because he's going to get the forumla. He looks in on Chloe as she sleeps with Trixie.

Everyone gets in place to kill Lucifer and get the plan going.

Dan works with Ella to get the last ingredient which is illegal.

Maze, Dr. Linda, and Lucifer talk about the plans. Lucifer kills himself because Maze can't do it. He's back in Hell.

Trixie shows up in Chloe's room. She meets Amenadiel.

Lucifer finds the door he must enter and it takes him to the time when the professor left the overturned vehicle and the passenger to die. It's his own personal hell.

The professor gives Lucifer the formula thinking he'd get a deal, but Lucifer was kidding. He shows his true self to the professor. Lucifer goes into another room and finds Uriel. He's entered his own personal hell. 

Dr. Linda can't bring Lucifer back.

Dan and Ella break into a warehouse looking for the final ingredient

Lucifer is still running the loop of him stabbing Uriel. But he reminds Lucifer about "the piece is here" a clue for something.

Chloe starts having a seizure and Amenadiel doesn't let anyone move Chloe.

Charlotte dies in order to find Lucifer.

Turns out it's Ella's brother who is in charge of the warehouse. Ricky gives them the ingredient.

Charlotte shows up and save Lucifer from his own hell. Charlotte tells Lucifer she's been manipulating him. She feels guilty for it all. Lucifer has to save Charlotte from her guilt about Uriel.

Chaos erupts in the hospital as Amenadiel fights off the security guards, Lucifer and Charlotte comes back to life. Lucifer goes to Ameadiel to tells him he's alive and has the formula.

Chloe is okay. She wants to know when they can get back to being a couple or at least start being a couple. Lucifer doesn't really have an answer. He leaves.

Charlotte asks Lucifer about Chloe and he tells her that Chloe is a sham. he's not happy. He says he won't be a pawn anymore and takes off. Chloe gets out of the hospital and heads over to Lucifer's place because she didn't hear from her.

All she finds when she gets there is his furniture covered with white sheets. Lucifer is gone.

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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Chloe: I don't want Trixie getting scared seeing my like this. Do I look okay?
Lucifer: You look heaven sent.

Are you done having your whisper fight? Just make out already. Get it over with!