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Charlotte is making out with a man and trying to talk to him about Lucifer leaving. The guy thinks it's getting weird and leaves. Maze talks to Charlotte and makes fun of her.

Lucifer is in an office with a couple of Godfather-type guys. He buys something in a silver case.

Dan and Chloe are talking about Lucifer while working a case. The dead guy is from a band called the Heavy Woolies. Ash is the one who died, the guitarist. The other band members are bummed.

Dan and Chloe are back at the station when Lucifer shows up. Candy comes down the stairs and shows off a ring. It's his wife. She's flabbergasted. So is Dan.

Lucifer explains why he left.  Chloe is not happy. Dan is not happy either.

Chloe continues on the case. She questions the ex-wife of the dead band member. Lucifer tries to join in on the investigation. 

Amenadiel finds out online that Lucifer is married and shares the information with Charlotte.

Candy discovers that the divorce mediator was at the crime scene. Lucifer seems to think he's back on the case, but Chloe shuts him down.

Lucifer and Candy are in Dr.  Linda's office. She asks about Chloe. Lucifer says he wants his partnership with Chloe to go back to normal. They are Batman and Robin like crime-solving duos.

Dan calls Chloe to give her an update. Lucifer shows up and tells Dan he's trying to put things back the way they were. 

Lucifer comes up with an idea to let him and Candy go undercover on the case. Maze is admiring Candy's backside while Lucifer and Chloe are talking.

Chloe doesn't want to let him do it and kicks him out of her apartment.

Charlotte is waiting for Lucifer and Candy when they arrived at his place. He introduces them to each other. 

Maze asks Chloe about Candy. Chloe is obviously upset. 

Instead of letting Candy go undercover, Chloe dresses up and goes in her place. They meet with the mediator. They are discussing themselves instead of discussing the real case. There is obviously still feelings between them.

The mediator says to take five and she goes outside. She tries to bribe him. The mediator, Antony, denies it. He explains what he did with the band after Lucifer works his charms on him.

Charlotte is taking Candy shopping. Charlotte asks a bunch of questions. She wants to know if Lucifer is trying to kill her, but Candy wants to open a yogurt bar or something.

Charlotte talks with Amendiel about her shopping trip with Candy, that she didn't learn anything.

Chloe talks with Dan and Ella about her undercover job. They discover more clues.

Chloe goes to a bar to talk to someone when Lucifer comes on stage. Lucifer starts talking about Chloe but not about Chloe before he starts singing on stage. Chloe thinks he's singing about her. People are waving lighters and Chloe stops one from doing it.

When Lucifer announces she's not singing for Chloe but for Marla, Chloe is floored, but as it turns out Lucifer was singing to Chloe because they caught Marla who is the killer. He's doing this to prove that Chloe and the department needs.

Amenadiel shows up at the station to confront him. Lucifer admits he still has feelings for her and is trying to protect her from him.

Chloe and Dan question Marla, but she denies killing Ash.

They find another guy to questions. Dan suggests Chloe go with Lucifer to question Doug, another band member. Doug comes up behind Lucifer and uses a wire to choke him. Chloe tries to save him. Doug is mad that Ash was going to leave.

Chloe shoots Doug to save Lucifer. 

Candy shows up at the crime scene looking for Lucifer. She thanks Chloe for saving him. Chloe welcomes back to the team.

Lucifer visits Charlotte to tell her  he forgives her. Charlotte tells him he wants to go back to Heaven and that he needs to get the weapon that can get them back to heaven. The Flaming Sword is Azrael's blade.

Apparently, Candy and Lucifer had a deal for her to fake things with Lucifer for Charlotte's benefit. He lets her keep the ring and sends her off. She realizes there is something between Lucifer and Chloe.





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