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A guy is tied to a pole apologizing before being burned to death.

Lucifer is performing some candle sex ritual when Charlotte walks in. 

Dan apologizes to Trixie for having to do a stakeout by bribing her with chocolate cake. Dan and Chloe talk about a camping trip.

Chloe and Lucifer are called to the murder scene. Ella and Lucifer joke about the victim. Lucifer is upset someone is pretending to be him as punisher.

Chloe and Lucifer visit Nick's place of employment and talk to his boss. They learn that Nick was not a nice guy and was having a relationship with his boss.

Back at the station, Charlotte is flirting with a bunch of cops and Lucifer is upset. He shoos his mother home. Chloe is suspicious of his and Charlotte's relationship.

There's another murder involving a guy who throat is stuffed with apples, and he's dressed like a woman.

Lucifer decides the murderer is doing a good job and leaves.

Dr. Linda and Maze are drinking at Lux. It's sort of a semi-session for Maze. She decides to talk to Amenadiel about Charlotte.

Lucifer is back at the Lux and finds his mother dancing sexily on one of the tables. He removes her from the table.

She questions if he's trying to win dad over, he flashes his red eyes at her.

Back at Wooble, Chloe is talking to Leila. Lucifer is already there talking to the content people.

Amenadiel is at his office drinking, looking at more feathers that have fallen off his wings. Maze shows up, and Amenadiel vacuums up his feathers before she comes in. She thinks he's got a woman. She tells him about Charlotte without telling him show Charlotte is.

Chloe and Lucifer talk about the content moderators.

Amenadiel shows up at the Lux and comes across Charlotte. She knows who he is, but he still hasn't figured out who she is.

Chloe and Lucifer suspect Leila, but it turns out that Ray is the one who is behind the murders. Leila is about to be killed herself, but Chloe and Lucifer come to the rescue. Lucifer learns why Ray punishes.

Chloe and Dan talk divorce.

Amenadiel greets Lucifer at the Lux. Lucifer punishment for his mother is making her live the life of Charlotte Richards, and he kicks her out of the penthouse.

As she leaves, some guy attempts to rob her in the alley, and she discovers that she has some of her old powers like strength.


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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Do not touch the charred crotch.


Charlotte: Remember, I'm still getting used to this earthly skin sack.
Lucifer: Yes. Yes. You used to be a goddess, I know, but things are different now.