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Two guys are in the woods looking for their remote controlled plane when they come across a dead body.

Lucifer is in Dr. Linda's office pacing and playing on his phone. Dr. Martin isn't amused. He can't sit still. 

Lucifer and Chloe are at the crime scene. Lucifer talks to Chloe about fun. Chloe can't remember the last time she had fun. She's distracted about getting divorced, moving out of mom's house, and parenting Trixie alone.

Dan shows up and gives information on the victim.

The Uber driver is in the interrogation room with Chloe and Lucifer. He tells them how he picked her up. he left her. He tells them about another guy. Lucifer gets a phone call and they leave.

Maze visits Charlotte at her house. Charlotte is not happy. She's trying to adjust into her new life. She tells Maze all about it.

Chloe and Ella visit Ella. Lucifer raises the volume to the music Ella is playing and starts dancing until Chloe shuts it off. Ella tells them all the information she's found. Lucifer starts flirting with Ella until chloe puts a stop to it with a look.

Chloe and Lucifer visit the boyfriend's house. A guy comes out all bloody wielding a knife. They go into the backyard where the guy is preparing sausage.

Lucifer calls Maze and asks Maze to take the detective out and have fun. It's a bet. If she wins, she gets the convertible. Chloe continues asking questions. 

Amenadiel visits Dr. Linda and returns a book. She wants to talk, because she knows something is wrong. At first he's hesitant then talks in metaphors. She thinks he's talking about erectile dysfunction when he's really talking about his wings.

Lucifer and Chloe visit the victim's friend. Lucifer goes on about how he detests cats. They find another dead body. This girl has the same stamp as the other dead girl.

Lucifer is at the club with a couple of girls when Chloe comes in with some information. Maze shows up and asks Chloe to go for drinks. Ella shows up too and hugs Maze as she introduces herself. Chloe continues yapping about the forensic report. She wants Lucifer to help her make phone calls.

Maze interrupts she knows a Tiki Bar across from the abandoned building Chloe is interested in, so she convinces Chloe to visit the Tiki Bar to get some answers, but it's really so she can win the bet with Lucifer.

Chloe, Ella, and Ella are at the Tiki Bar. Ella is talking to Maze about God. Maze is opening beer with her teeth, Ella is drinking Pina Coladas and Chloe is working. Maze is annoyed. Chloe tries to tell Maze she is working, not trying to get laid. She hands Chloe a drink, but Chloe isn't interested. She's going to leave when Dr. Martin shows up.

Dr. Martin can't help but be the therapist. She tells them what girls' night is all about and starts the conversation. She shares a secret that she used to be a phone sex operator. Ella shares that she used to steal cars. Maze says she was forged in the bowels of hell to torture the guilty. Chloe talks about her divorce and fears and finally loosens up. Dr. Martin orders tequila all around.

Amenadiel is at the Lux drinking a Cosmo, looking at a piece of his wing. Lucifer shows up and makes fun of Amenadiel. Amenadiel tells Lucifer there's going to be consequences for not returning mum to hell. Amenadiel tells Lucifer he can't fly back to Hell, but doesn't get into the details.

Lucifer tells Amenadiel he's going to show him how to have a good time and  orders bourbon.

Maze and the girls are doing karaoke. Chloe has finally let her hair down and is making fun of Lucifer. Dr. Martin tells Chloe that they all would be there for her. Chloe sees a guy with a tattoo like the dead girls. Chloe starts asking questions. The guy's girlfriend thinks Chloe is hitting on him and starts a fight. Ella and Dr. Linda get into it too.

A full out bar fight happens. Maze breaks a stick into two and kicks some major butt. Chloe is chokeholding someone.

Maze gets the original guy in a chair and Chloe starts asking questions. He tells Chloe he saw the girls at a sex club.

Back at the office, Chloe is drinking coffee when Dan shows up. Chloe can't remember a half hour. Chloe wants Dan to go to the sex club with Lucifer.

Dan and Lucifer arrive at the sex party when Amenadiel shows up. Dan only wants to work, while Lucifer and Amenadiel wants to have fun. Amenadiel is having a blast, Lucifer is drinking, and Dan is just being ridiculously boring, trying to work.

Before Lucifer can stop Amenadiel, Dan sees something and questions a guy pouring drinks, but he takes off running. Lucifer stops him.

Dan and Lucifer question the bartender. He says he keeps eyes on the girls. He recognizes the girls, and remembers the name of the guy who entertained him. There was a third girl.

Amenadiel is resting while the police question everyone. Lucifer gets Amenadiel who's so drunk he runs into Dan spilling a drink all over him. Lucifer thinks it's hilarious.

Dan is drinking coffee when Chloe shows up. They talk about the case. Chloe sends Dan to question the chef's wife while she and Lucifer will track down Uri. Chloe sees Lucifer laughing at something on his phone. It's pictures of Chloe from girls' night out. Chloe is not happy. Lucifer tells Chloe about the bet he made with Maze. She sends a photo to Maze with the middle finger. She's pissed at Lucifer too.

Lucifer and Chloe fine Uri and ask questions. He tells them about Crystal who may be the chef's wife. He doesn't know the real name, but has a picture of her. They visit the neighbor. Lucifer starts talking and she takes Chloe hostage with a box cutter. They figure out the details of the case. Chloe gets away from the girl. Chloe arrests her.

Maze visits Chloe at the station. She tells her that they agreed to rent an apartment together.  Lucifer finds out about the arrangement and isn't happy.

Instead of the convertible, Maze wants Lucifer to pour her a drink.

Amenadiel arrives at the penthouse and Maze leaves. Amenadiel has a major hangover. He talks to Lucifer about the deal he made with God.  Lucifer tells Amenadiel he made a deal for Chloe's life. Amenadiel is shocked and warns him that God might do something to Chloe, because Lucifer didn't uphold his end of the deal.

Chloe is driving and talking to a realtor about a place when she gets smashed from the side.





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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

I'm on new meds. I wasn't thinking straight.

Uber driver

Trust me, Dan is not on my list of drinking buddies.