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Lucifer is retelling a dream to Linda as well as his plans for pulling one over on Dad with Cain. He wants Linda to unblock his blocked ideas.

Chloe and Ella were having a neon party (neon wigs) in the office but Chloe had to jet.

When a writer is killed, her editor tells Lucifer and Chloe she had writer's block for five years and wrote the way she overcame it in her afterward. As the book is now missing, Lucifer is more determined than ever to solve the case so he can have that book in hand.

Linda and Amenadiel are having a candlelight dinner together in her office. That is weird. Especially since they're "sneaking around" in her office with the blinds open. 

They discuss how cowardly they are being and how much they hate doing it. Linda wants Amenadiel to check on Maze, just to make sure she's OK. 

Lucifer is reading all of the author's books. Kathleen, the author, had a lot of fans, and Kathleen fed the trolls on the online sites. 

When Amenadiel visits Maze, Trixie says she's not there. She then wonders why Maze doesn't want to talk to Amenadiel. He's nice. Maze concocts a plan.

Kathleen asked some dude named Ashley to collaborate on her book but went back to her own in the end. It doesn't help Lucifer at all.

Kathleen used all the people from her high school, first names included, as characters in all of her books.

Maze wants to take Linda on a blind date.

Chloe reads the Class of 3001 books all through the night.

When she and Lucifer get to the 2001 reunion (odd time for it), she is like a kid she's so excited to meet the people who inspired the characters in the books.

The Prom King and Queen are well-known actors. They're the killers, right?? 

Linda's date wets the bed. He's also supposed to be at the reunion. Uh oh. Maze is going to regret setting up Linda with a killer.

Lucifer is playing Todd at the reunion because he grabbed his name tag.

Maze and Linda are at the end of a terrible row when Lucifer and Chloe come in and demand Todd put down his utensils. 

It turns out Todd wasn't in the books because Kathleen wanted to make him the hero, and she told him about it before she was killed. Now that they know the ending would be peaceful and grounded, Chloe hedges her bets on an editor unhappy with the trajectory of the series' impending end.

They capture the killer, Linda and Amenadiel break up and Lucifer has a prom for Chloe who gives him the idea to go back and remove the reason for the curse so it never happens.

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Lucifer Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

Chloe: I know how fans can get obsessed with their idols.
Lucifer: Yes, and with their boobs. Like after you did Hot Tub High School, Detective.

Amenadiel: I would do anything for you. What? Is that too sappy?
Linda: [shakes her head no]

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