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Ella's brother is on a diamond heist or something when Ella calls him.

Lucifer wants to understand the mark on Cain's arm. He's been doing research using the DVC.

Ella goes to Maze to search for her brother. Maze wonders if he's a criminal, which we know he is, but Ella says not. But she'll pay Maze.

Amenadiel doesn't want to help Lucifer get the mark off of Cain.

Ella says Jay is a diamond authenticator. Maze says the dude in the place is sketchy. Dead sketchy.

Charlotte goes to see Linda. Linda tells her she can't help her and she needs to leave, NOW. Charlotte takes that to mean she really is beyond help.

Cain perks up when Lucifer says Amenadiel is Dad's favorite. He wonders how he knows. Of course, Lucifer doesn't know, but he says he read it in a book and then mentions a space vagina and something else.

While they're tracking the diamond Lucifer gets caught up on being cheap and Chloe tells him she wishes she had a brother to fight with.

Amenadiel marked Cain. Cain puts a gun in front of Amenadiel. You put this mark on me, now you're gonna tell me how to get rid of it.

Ella and Maze find Jay, who says he was peeing when Farid was killed.

When Chloe calls, Ella lies about finding Jay. Jay didn't do it, though.

The look on Lucifer's face when he's annoyed over Dan not knowing why Ella would take her brother to a strip club was hysterical.

Cain and Amenadiel engage in a fight. Cain has spent all lifetimes learning how to fight and he's good.

Amenadiel can't kill Cain. The fight continues.

Ridiculously, Jay pulls a gun on Chloe when she arrives and he's caught "cleaning" diamonds. Ella puts herself into the line of fire and he gets away.

Ella is surprised Maze won't help her when Jay is discovered to be a bad guy. After she leaves, Ella lays into Lucifer who is compassionate and at the ready with his flask for Ella.

I forgot, but earlier, Lucifer used his flask for Linda, whom he reminded Charlotte was now just a regular woman who needed her help.

Cain and Amenadiel are trashing Lux. Amenadiel is also trashing Cain with glass bottles and by impaling him on railings.

When wingtip was holding Jay with a gun, Maze came out of nowhere and killed the guy like a superhero.

The diamonds are still missing, though.

Linda goes to see Charlotte to apologize. She sticks Charlotte with a pin to make sure she bleeds, but they're going to have sessions.

Lucifer catches Jay with the diamonds. He's a bad dude. A shit. If he ever disappoints Ella again, Lucifer is coming.


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Lucifer Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Yeah, huge relief. You're brother's not dead, but he might be the killer.


Cain: Your research is watching The DaVinci Code?
Lucifer: And the sequels!