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This week on Luck, Ace meets with an old business partner, Nick DiRossi, and pitches his idea for smuggling illegal slots and table games into the racetrack. This plan is all part of Ace's bid for revenge against his former business associates who let him take the fall for their drug stash. DiRossi likes Ace's idea and wants to move on it.

At the racetrack, Rosie petitions Walter for a chance to ride his extraordinary colt, Gettin' Up Mornings, in a real race. While Walter thinks Rosie has great potential, he doesn't think she's quite ready. To help her out, he sets her up with an agent. Instead of Rosie, Walter picks Ronnie to ride Gettin' Up Mornings. The trainer and jockey have a heart to heart where Walter reveals what happened to Delphi, the sire of his colt. Delphi was killed as part of an insurance scam and Walter still blames himself for the stallion's death.

After claiming their Pick 6 winnings, the gamblers are adjusting to their new life. Jerry loses thousands of dollars at the poker table only to win it back later on. Renzo puts in a claim on the horse that clinched their Pick 6 win, but loses it to another trainer. Lonnie parties with two women who try to kill him. Of the winners, Marcus is the only one who doesn't indulge himself because he seems afraid of something, perhaps ending up broke and alone.

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Luck Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

In California, established and passed by the legislature, horse racing is legal, and casino gaming isn't, leaving aside for a second the fucking rain dancers, and, like the whole state economy, the track is desperate for new streams of revenue. The perfect fucking Trojan horse.


The U.S. economy is in the fuckin' toilet. NY bankers with their three-card monte bond swaps have brought all the walls down. Tremendous structural damage to the tax base, plus unemployment plus, my impression, tremendous, tremendous compression of the leisure gaming dollar.