"Matty + Ethan + Fidelity"

On MacGyver Season 3 Episode 10, Matty needs MacGyver to find and extract her husband, a CIA agent who's been undercover for eight years, before it's too late.

Locked In a Cage - MacGyver
"Specimen 234 + PAPR + Outbreak"

On MacGyver Season 3 Episode 9, MacGvyer and team race to recover a vial containing a deadly virus before the thief unleashes a global pandemic.

"Revenge + Catacombs + Le Fantome"

On MacGyver Season 3 Episode 8, an Irish intelligence officer claims to know the whereabouts of "The Ghost," a lethal bomb maker Mac has been hunting for years.

A Mysterious File - MacGyver
"Scavengers + Hard Drive + Dragonfly"

On MacGyver Season 3 Episode 7, Matty refuses to reveal what's on a mysterious file called Dragonfly, and the team speculates about its contents.

Forcing Mac To Help - MacGyver
"Murdoc + MacGyver + Murdoc"

On MacGyver Season 3 Episode 6, Murdoc abducts MacGyver's girlfriend, Nasha, to force Mac to help him rescue his son, Cassian, from a kidnapper.

A Plan Goes Bad - MacGyver
"Dia de Muertos + Sicarios + Family"

On MacGyver Season 3 Episode 5, Mac and Jack rush to Mexico to help their boss out as they race through the country during Dia de Muertos celebrations.

Stopped By Rebels - MacGyver
"Guts + Fuel + Hope"

On MacGyver Season 3 Episode 4, Mac must get a tanker filled with liquid oxygen past rebels and deliver it to a children's hospital before they run out

"Bozer + Booze + Back to School"

On MacGyver Season 3 Episode 3, Mac, Riley, Bozer, and Leanna go undercover on a college campus to smoke out a deep-cover operative recruiting students.

Delta Buddies - MacGyver
"Bravo Lead + Loyalty + Friendship"

On MacGyver Season 3 Episode 2, Mac and Jack recruit Jack's old Delta team and stage an unsanctioned rescue op when Jack gets an emergency distress signal.


On MacGyver Season 3 Episode 1, three months after quitting the Phoenix Foundation, Mac returns after hearing Jack is the target of a murderous dictator.

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