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Bozer and Riley bond over Christmas Pastrami, until Riley disappears.

Thornton calls the gang into the Phoenix Foundation, where she explains that Riley is being accused of hacking into the NSA. She tells them to find Riley before the feds do. They track her to Vancouver, where she hands off a laptop in order to get her mom released from captivity.

The gang figures out that a group called “The Collective” are behind the NSA hack, and they track the laptop to a high-rise building in Shanghai. Once there, Mac, Riley and Jack pretend to be tourists in order to gain entry to the building. Eventually they make their way into the nerve center on the 30th floor.

They discover that a malicious program called Cannibal has taken control of Chinese submarines and there are missiles aimed at the West Coast of the United States. They stop all the but one. So Mac simply builds a satellite dish that tricks the GPS signal on the missile into believing California is much further away. So, yes, they prevented World War III.

Back in LA, Riley and her mom finally get their white Christmas, and Bozer gets the final three digets of Riely's number.

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It’s time to get back to work.


This ain’t a normal place to live. This is weird.

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