A Mission Goes Wrong - MacGyver
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MacGyver, Jack and Riley head to Malaysia to track down a shady money man, Ralph, who works as a creative accountant for a terrorist ring.

Easy peasy, right? Nope. As they bring Ralph out of the house, he gets shot by a sniper. Jack and Mac have to keep him alive long enough to get intel about the terrorist ring’s next move. Mac creates a one-way valve to help him breathe and then sets the headrest on fire so that it would create a smokescreen to lose the bad guys.

In the parking garage, Mac performs surgery(!) to drain the blood from the accountant’s lungs and save his life (with an assist from Riley, who tracked down a doctor to tell him what to do)

Even after Ralph is stabilized, Mac creates a syringe to fake Ralph’s death so that the bad guys will leave them alone. Instead, the bad guys take Ralph’s body and throw it in the trunk and Mac & Co. have to save him again.

A couple MacGyverbs later, Jack and Ralph are hugging it out before Ralph enters the witness protection program and Mac&Jack end up (as all good CBS characters do) drinking a beer on the deck while contemplating their life choices.

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MacGyver Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Why hack a computer when you can hack a human?


He finally stopped talking. Let's just enjoy that for a second