Facing Off - MacGyver
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Mac is called away from his date to track down an assassin and find out who he was hired to kill. Spoiler alert: It’s MacGyver!

Mac believes his old flame Nikki has ordered the hit. He gets a text from the killer, alerting him that he is at his house. With Bozer!

The assassin turns his gun on Bozer, and he realizes that Bozer has no idea who his best friend really is. When Mac and Jack get to the house, they engage in an intense shootout, and Mac takes out the assassin with a homemade bottle rocket.

Bozer realizes that Mac has been lying to him all along, but he has to put his hurt feelings aside in order to help the team identify the assassin. Turns out he’s an excellent artist and draws the man so well that the facial recognition software identifies him.

The assassin lures Thornton, Riley and Jack to a junkyard, where he trains remote controlled snipers on them and demands that Mac show up to die in their place.

Mac arrives, scrambles the assassin’s remote signal and Jack takes him into custody. The assassin identifies himself as Murdoc.

Nikki meets Mac a diner and tells him she did not order the hit and that he is still in danger.

Also, Mac goes on a date.


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MacGyver Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Who are you?

Bozer [to Mac]

This guy is good. Beyond badass. Maybe even better than me.