MacGyver Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Corkscrew

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Bozer learned that the truth hurts on MacGyver Season 1 Episode 8.

What a relief that MacGyver’s best friend was finally given a role on the show beyond “wacky roommate.” I thought they were going to drag out that charade for another two seasons.

Bozer learns that Mac doesn’t work at a boring think tank (and neither do Riley and Jack) but unfortunately, his best friend wasn’t the one to make the big reveal. Reality set in for him while a mad assassin pointed a gun at him in his own home.

Facing Off - MacGyver

Oh, and that mad assassin? It’s Murdoc! What a pleasure to witness the genesis of the MacGyver/Murdoc rivalry (and I was so sure that Nikki was the new Murdoc!)

During an intense shootout at the house, Jack and Mac explain to a freaked-out Bozer that the Phoenix Foundation is less think tank and more shark tank.

Just as Jack runs out of bullets, MacGyver somehow creates a rocket out of a wine bottle. The projectile hits Murdoc squarely in the chest, forcing him through the doors and down the embankment below.

Who are you?

Bozer [to Mac]

It’s nice to see Bozer in on the true identities. I can only assume his art/drawing skills will be put to use as part of the team in a future mission?

Obviously Bozer is a talented (and fast) artist, but his sketch of Murdoc’s face was so perfect that it was able to be run through a facial recognition database? (I find every episode has a moment when you have to suspend the suspension of disbelief, and this week, this scene was it.)

When Thornton, Riley and Jack run into Murdoc’s trap in the junkyard, Mac was forced to watch from the office for his own safety. It was a nice role-reversal for Mac, as he is the one always being watched through the drone cam in the office.

But that didn’t last long, as Mac is soon called to the junkyard when Murdoc aims remote sniper rifles on his team.

What do you say, MacGyver? Want to come out and play?


Oh wait, I forgot about the other suspension-of-suspension-of-disbelief moment. Couldn’t they all run in different directions since one guy was controlling all three remote-controlled weapons? Couldn't computer-whiz Riley figure that out before barely-computer-literate me?

Anyway, Murdoc saves the scene by doing a perfect slow villain walk while chasing his victim and loudly professing his admiration for his new rival.

I was surprised they caught him, as I thought that was impossible. I guess in a future episode we get to find out how he disappears from police custody.

No one has caught me before; no one has survived me before.


What did you think of this week’s episode? Who is after team Phoenix, if not Nikki? Are you all caught up this season?

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Other Notes:

  • Happy Veteran’s Day to Army vets Mac&Jack!
  • I just can’t get over that corny vineyard pic. Nikki probably had the only copy because she didn't want anyone to see how cheesy her boyfriend is.
  • “This is the most exciting Friday I’ve had in years.” Subtle, CBS. 

Corkscrew Review

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MacGyver Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Who are you?

Bozer [to Mac]

This guy is good. Beyond badass. Maybe even better than me.