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Thornton comes up with a plan to find the compound of a Mexican drug kingpin currently locked up in a maximum security prison in Texas. Mac goes undercover as a prisoner and Jack poses as a prison guard. Riley was supposed to hack into the prison’s computer system, but she ends up only getting access to the cameras.

Mac is on his own! Luckily, it only takes him six days and one laundry room rumble to convince kingpin El Noche that he can help him escape (for just $2M). 

In their cell, Mac creates a bomb using salt from the prison grub, water and a battery. After the door is blown off, Mac has to go into full improvise mode.

Mac and El Noche make their way to the laundry room, where Mac uses a fire extinguisher, a trash can and alcohol to disintegrate the bars on the window.

Once outside, they climb on the roof and escape into the forest, when El Noche’s bad hombres take Mac prisoner.

From the trunk of the car, Mac uses Morse code to signal out Jack’s number to anyone behind them. When they get to the compound, El Noche starts to torture poor Mac.

But it turns out someone out driving in Texas or Mexico in 2016 knows Morse Code, and Jack and a tactical team burst in to save the day.

Also, Bozer helps Riley secure a new apartment.

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MacGyver Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

I'm ready to tell you how much I love your mustache."


Who are you really?

El Noche