The Helicopter Crash - MacGyver
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Mac&Jack capture a war criminal in Kazakhstan, but the exit strategy does not go as planned. Their helicopter escapes a firing squad from the rooftop, but it’s finally taken down by a missile. They all survive the crash, but the war criminal escapes with Jack’s gun.

Riley and Bozer observe from the Phoenix Foundation, desperately looking for any sign of the crash site from satellite photos. With all communication cut off, Mac creates a makeshift crutch for the injured pilot and they set off after the criminal. They soon realize that Mr. War Criminal’s friends are in the area too, ready to take them out.

With the pilot’s condition deteriorating, Mac is forced to make a fire, which could expose their position to the enemy. Mac decides to go after Victor by himself. He knocks him down and ties him to a tree. The satellite phone still does not work, so Mac makes a desperate move to recreate Ben Franklin’s electricity experiment in order to power the satellite phone to call in a rescue team.

Riley sees their coordinates pop up on the screen and the rescue squad arrives just in time to take out the bad guys in the tank.

When the team arrives back in LA, there’s a new boss in town, and she and Jack have a rocky history.


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MacGyver Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Pilot: What's he doing?
Jack: He's being MacGyver.

As long as that needle is still out there, I don't care how long it takes.