A Screwdriver and Bug Spray - MacGyver
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It’s ladies night! Nikki and Sarah returned to see their favorite Phoenix Foundation operatives, but whose side is Nikki on?

She claims that she is a deep-cover CIA operative and that she is trying to expose a mole feeding info to her new organization. Jack and Sarah are skeptical. Macgyver believes her, of course.

Jack is a bit thrown off by Sarah’s sudden appearance. She’s about to get married and Jack is torn about whether or not he should tell Sarah that he still has feelings for her. So does she have cold feet? Does she have feelings for Jack?

Mac, Jack and Sarah follow Nikki to a safe house, where she claims she has proof of the existence of the mole. But her “proof” has disappeared and the team is ambushed.

Meanwhile, Bozer and Riley visit Murdoc in prison to try to find out who the mole could be. He basically tells them to follow the money -- so they do. Riley traces a bank account number back to the mole, who turns out to be Phoenix Foundation director Thornton!

Jack keeps his mouth shut and Sarah’s feet warm up in time to walk down the aisle to say I do to his doppelganger.

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MacGyver Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

This week really sucked for me.


All I know is Nikki is going to prison.