MacGyver Season 1 Episode 12 Review: Screwdriver

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Mac and Jack each get a visit from an ex on MacGyver Season 1 Episode 12.

Jack’s ex Sarah asks the team to help her track down Mac’s ex Nikki.

A Screwdriver and Bug Spray - MacGyver

She just happened to get a lead on Nikki the weekend before her wedding?

Obviously, Sarah wanted to see Jack one last time before her big day, but did she want Jack to tell her not to go through with it?

My favorite scene was in the church confessional booth, in which Father Mac advises parishioner Jack that he should tell Sarah how he feels.

And Jack had so many chances to declare his love – at the (dead drop) church, during the shootout (that’s when everyone usually has deep conversations on this show) and of course, on the patio outside the honeymoon suite.

Weird Criminal - MacGyver Season 1 Episode 12

Instead, the man says nothing!

So that’s why I didn’t feel bad for him when he teared up as he watched Sarah say “I do” to his doppelganger (minus the hideous mohawk).

This week really sucked for me.


As for Nikki, Mac had to decide whether or not she could be trusted after claiming to be a deep-cover CIA agent. I didn’t think Nikki would make another appearance until sweeps, but it looks like she may pop up in a few more episodes as she works to take down “the organization.”

I never had a chance to tell you I'm sorry.


I suppose I should be happy Nikki is now back on Team Phoenix, but something about this episode threw the series out of balance for me.

Pretty Interrogator - MacGyver Season 1 Episode 12

Does Mac have a true adversary? Murdoc is in jail (where he has access to hair dye apparently) and Nikki is working undercover for the good guys.

Oh my God, you believe her?

Jack to Mac

I know I’ve said before (many, many times) that Thornton should have a smaller role, but now it seems she’s been written off the show.

I hate to keep making comparisons to the original show as I watch every week. (OK, fine, I don’t hate doing that.) But the producers did choose to keep the Dalton and Thornton characters for this reboot, and the original (and beloved) Thornton would never betray the Phoenix Foundation or MacGyver/Dalton.

Maybe it will turn out she’s a double (triple) agent somehow working for Nikki?

All I know is Nikki is going to prison.


Riley and Bozer’s B-story scenes were a refreshing break from the relationship drama of the other characters.

Side Eye - MacGyver Season 1 Episode 12

Their disguises at the bank were perfect and I’d love to see more missions in the future that utilize Bozer’s skills.

What a jam-packed episode – A wedding! A bank heist (sort of)! Treason! – but it lacked the MacGyverisms we’ve come to expect. Anyone remember anything besides the rolling stove explosive device and the cheese ball fingerprint duster?

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Screwdriver Review

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MacGyver Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

This week really sucked for me.


All I know is Nikki is going to prison.