Solving Problems - MacGyver
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Let's meet the gang, shall we?
There's Angus MacGyver, our Swiss-Army-knife-loving, gun-hating hero. His sidekick, Jack Dalton,  likes both knives and guns -- weapons of any kind, in fact. Those two "facilitated" the release of computer hacker Riley from jail so that she could help with their missions. The big boss is Patricia Thornton. 
In the pilot episode, Mac's girlfriend and  fellow agent  Nikki betrays the team in Lake Como while they attempt to take a deadly virus from some evil-doers. Mac is shot (but recovers) and everyone thinks Nikki is dead, until she shows up months later with a suspect in San Francisco. 
The team tries desperately to stop a prehistoric virus from being released and killing millions of people in San Francisco. It's up to Mac to stop the ticking time bomb in the back of a truck headed toward the Bay Area.
The bomb does explode, but the virus canister and Mac escape with a DIY parachute. 
MacGyver and the gang make two enemies that could show up later in the series. Nikki slips out of her handcuffs (a trick MacGyver taught her) and out of the law enforcement vehicle when she was being transported. Also, Nikki's accomplice seemed like he wasn't through harassing MacGyver & Co. 
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MacGyver Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

This ain’t a normal place to live. This is weird.

Little Bro

It’s time to get back to work.