Diffusing a Bomb - MacGyver
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MacGyver faces old demons (or just a Ghost) in this Halloween episode. He flashes back to his time in Afghanistan, where the sadistic “Ghost” killed his mentor.
The Ghost is now threatening to disrupt peace talks at the U.N. and Mac sets off the first bomb-within-a-bomb outside the FBI offices, saving everyone inside. 
Riley traces the SIM card left behind in the explosion to track down the Ghost. He gets away, but he leaves an explosive laptop behind.
Mac brings the laptop outside and dismantles the embedded bomb. The second laptop has video of Mac’s mentor’s death.
Riley figures out that the Ghost may be hiding at a warehouse in Queens. Before they can go inside though, the entire building explodes. The FBI finds a body in the rubble but Mac is convinced that the Ghost did not die in the explosion.
Back at the U.N., Mac spots an NYPD truck that shouldn’t be there, but the Ghost lives up to his name and disappears. But he booby-trapped the truck, and Jack steps on a pressure plate. Mac finds and dismantles two more bombs in order to save Jack (and everyone within a block of the truck).  
While the rest of the gang plans a Halloween party in LA, Mac finally pays a visit to his mentor’s widow and daughter in Texas. 
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I'm first in.


The Ghost is back.