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Betty has lunch with a friend while Don heads off on a last minute trip. 

Don is seeing a movie, and he's smoking in the theater.

Don's upset that Dawn can't come over and bring his supplies. She's swamped with her new job. He hangs up on her.

Alan Silver needs to speak with Don because Megan seems to be breaking. She's stalking directors.

Peggy learns Ginsberg is nominated for a Cleo and that she wasn't even submitted for nomination because her client didn't want another award. Lou continues to treat her poorly.

Harry is called into a meeting to talk about the media department.

Megan is very excited to see Don in California.

Bobby has a field trip and Betty wants to chaperone.

Megan is not so happy after she learns Alan called Don. She wants to fire him. Megan finally asks what is going on because she can't reach him at the office, it's quiet when she calls and she thinks he has a new girl.

Don comes clean with Megan. She realizes that if he hasn't been working for a year that he just doesn't want to be with her. She breaks it off with him.

Jim has The Wall Street Journal call Harry about their computer. But there isn't one. Harry made it up. There also isn't a program. Jim knows nothing about the media department.

Don asks to have dinner with Dave Wooster. He's done dancing around. 

Don goes to see Roger with his offer. Should he take it or not? Don meets Sherry. Roger tells him to come back to work.

Don goes home and calls Megan to apologize. She's been crying. He thinks he fixed it, but if he did, he would have gotten a job out there. He tells her he didn't want her to look at him differently. She doesn't want him to lie to her and push her away with both hands.

The farmer's daughter from the field trip has a boob hanging out of her blouse.

Don goes back into the office, and sees Lou. As he walks past all the unfamiliar offices, he feels mildly uncomfortable. Roger isn't in the office when he arrives. 

Ginsberg immediately consults with Don and then Peggy sees him, surprised that he's here. Everyone stares at him.

Don treats Dawn as his assistant and says there was a lapse in communication regarding his return. 

Roger arrives with alcohol breath. It's his company and he do whatever he damn well pleases. He leaves Don alone again without telling anyone Don's returned.

Bobby traded Betty's sandwich for someone's gumdrops.

Roger goes to bat for Don against the partners.

Betty thinks her kids hate her.

Don is welcomed back to work with stipulations.


Mad Men
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Mad Men Season 7 Episode 3 Quotes

So with a clear head, you got up every day and decided you didn't want to be with me.


It's sunny here for everyone but me. I'm walking around in a cloud of no.