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A gunfight along the Texas border leaves a State Trooper dead. Elizabeth meets with his widow and son. Mexico refuses to extradite the killer, Carlos Ochoa, if the death penalty remains on the table. The family agrees to remove that option in order for Ochoa to be brought to justice.

It's Henry and Elizabeth's 25th wedding anniversary and they plan to celebrate in New  York.

Before leaving, Henry meets with his NSA handler. She tells him Klaus is clean and thanks him for his work. His op is over.

Jay meets Texas Governor Lockwood for lunch. He is in town trying to get funds from Congress. He is upset when he finds out that Ochoa won't face the death penalty and goes to the press. He is going to call up the national guard to protect the border.

Mexican Ambassador Lopez is upset by Governor Lockwood's actions. He threatens to not extradite Ochoa.

Ochoa sits in jail when gunfire erupts. A helicopter is overhead and someone is shouting his name.

The Citizens of the Republic of Texas facilitated Ochoa's escape so he could face Texas justice.

Henry and Elizabeth run into his former target, Klaus at their restaurant in New York. Elizabeth invites him to join them for dinner. Henry excuses himself to contact his handler. He is suspicious and she agrees to investigate.

Ochoa was delivered to Governor Lockwood who claims to not have been involved with Ochoa's escape. The President wants the State Department to handle the situation. Deputy Secretary Cushing does not want to involve Elizabeth, although Nadine does. 

Henry receives a text from his handler saying Klaus did not miss his flight, nor spoke at the symposium. When he lifts his briefcase, Henry slams it down and says there is trouble to Elizabeth's security detail. They rush her out while she gives Henry a strange look.

Elizabeth is upset that Henry lied to her about extending his relationship with the NSA. Her security detail says Klaus checked out clean.

Jay goes to Texas. The governor refuses to turnover Ochoa to the FBI. They finally contact Elizabeth and update her on the situation.

Elizabeth heads to Texas. On the way to the prison, Jay shares that Lockwood is eyeing a future presidential run. When Elizabeth meets Lockwood, she tells him that Mexico has requested that Lockwood be extradited to Mexico to face charges for Ochoa's escape. Lockwood isn't worried until Elizabeth mentions his future presidential run and it's impact. He backs down.

Henry meets with his handler. They flipped Klaus. If he helps them find the cache of sarin gas, they will protect his son, Adren. He tells them the gas in Alegeria. 

Madam Secretary
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