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When Jay heads to Nice to meet with a Russian forensic accountant who had been investigating Dito, he's kidnapped from a cafe. Dote calls the state department, demanding his assets be released in return for Jay's safe return. The administration has a strict no ransom policy. Jay, and eventually the state department, find out that the M16s didn't come from Dito -- not only does he have a strict policy against selling US weapons, he points out to Jay that they're basically useless in that environment. He only sold them Kalishnokovs. Once State figures that out, they restart the investigation into the smuggling ring at square one. They figure out that it was actually the head of Vesuvius that was smuggling the weapons, not Dito. Jay is returned home safely. Abby had been extremely upset when he went missing, and tries to initiate a reconciliation when he returns, but either Jay is too dense to realize what she's doing or has decided to move on from her, because he declines the invitation.

Jason scams his parents out of $100 in order to try an book a hot air balloon trip to impress Piper. The ruse of needing the funds for a graphing calculator doesn't last long, and Henry ends up grounding him -- if allowing him full access to the internet and electronics can be considered grounding by todays standards. Henry gives him some "man" advice, which Elizabeth instructs him to rescind, she thinks he should fight for Piper. 

The FBI locates the VFF in the Syrian desert, confirming Henry's suspicion that the group is headed to Jerusalem to attack the Dome of the Rock.

Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

Jay: Coming over for the game tonight?
Matt: Dude, no offense, but I can't do another night at your place. I mean...all those metal folding chairs make me feel like I'm at an AA meeting.

Jason: It's this graphing calculator for Calc. It's $127.
Elizabeth: For a calculator? Can't you just use a pencil and paper?
Jason: I could. I could also just become a blacksmith and use primitive tools for an obsolete job in a world that no longer exists.