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Stevie and Allie both worry over college admission news. The McCords feel confident about Stevie's chances at Harvard Law, but prepare "thumbs up" facts about Allie's back up schools. Allie ends up getting into Rafferty, but decides to go to her second choice instead once she realizes she doesn't like the tenor of the student body; Elizabeth finds out from Russell that Stevie got waitlisted at Harvard.

One of State's former staffers is working at an NGO in Somalia when a drought causes two warring rebel factions to fight over a village that is already facing mass starvation. She makes a slimy deal with the Senate majority leader in order to expedite food relief delivery. When Anis is captured, Elizabeth turns to a security contractor to deliver the food safely to the Somalian village and free Anis. She decides to use an arms dealer who has been selling to both sides of the conflict as a broker for a cease fire, telling him that in exchange the US will drop any investigations of him -- without telling him there are no such investigations. He also ends up giving them the phone number for the arms dealer they suspect of being involved in the Texas Depot ring with the doomsday cult. When the security team frees Anis, they confiscate the weapons of the group holding him. It turns out that some of their weapons came from the Texas Depot, and Elizabeth has gotten played. 

Henry gets kicked off the FBI case, only to be brought back in after Mo consults with him and they are able to determine the likely target of the cult. They deduce that the group is planning to attack the Mosque at the Temple on the Mount as a way to set of a world war. Because the FBI followed false tips, they've ended up losing the cult leaderships trail after they arrived in Greece.

Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

Senator Beau Carpenter: We have these food aid rules for a reason.
Elizabeth: Yes, to, uh, subsidize US farmers so they can sell off their grain overages.
Carpenter: Now, that's a very simplistic...
Elizabeth: ...And to give US shipping companies the monopoly so they can overcharge and underperform on delivery. It is a...inefficient and wasteful system.
Carpenter: Welcome to the United States government.

Henry: Stevie hears from Harvard Law this week, too, right? Did you make a thumbs up for her other choices list for her, too?
Elizabeth: She aced her LSATs and she has a letter of recommendation from the White House Chief of Staff
Henry: And her mom's Secretary of State. [scoffs] It's a lock.
Elizabeth: Ish. [knocks on wooden door frame]

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