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Kat takes on the persecution of LGBTQ people in the Republic of Abkhazia because of her own history, and Jay joins the fight because of his continued guilt over the execution of a gay man the day the of the Iran deal signing. Elizabeth is out of the country at a free speech conference, and when they aren't able to reach her for her approval of their plan, they decide to go ahead and run with it. The plan is to use an NGO as a cover to pay Kurdish smugglers to extricate the refugees through Turkey. But one of the employees of the NGO is bigoted against Kurds, and sells the convoy out to the Turkish military, outing the US' involvement. Elizabeth is pissed at her aides for the recklessness of their plan and for not considering the larger implications if something went wrong. She manages to repair relations with Turkey, but it comes at the cost of having to curb condemnation of that countries human rights abuses. America's involvement also leads the Abkazian president to accuse the US of meddling in sovereign affairs, and Elizabeth has to make concessions to him in order to maintain a strategic position in the area. 

Henry is uncomfortable about receiving a CIA commendation, but eventually makes his peace with it when he arranges for the recognition to be shared with his whole unit. 

Jason gets a perfect score on his PSAT, which he tries to hide from his parents. He visits Will, who he thinks will be sympathetic to his plan to follow Piper and be aimless. Will gives him a reality check, pointing out that even if he doesn't go to college, he needs an "and" if he wants to be happy in life. Jason finally comes clean to Henry, who already heard the news from Jason's principal. He reassures Jason that he'll find his purpose in life, and that everyone has their own unique path. 

Matt pressures Blake into joining his trivia team with the lure of the tasting menu at a Michelin star restaurant. But Blake gives up his seat at the table after pointing out to Matt that their teammate, Captain Ronnie, has the hots for him. 

Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Henry: Shouldn't you be packing for this conference thing?
Elizabeth: No, come on. It's more fun just hanging out with you, drinking wine, and complaining.

Henry: No gays in Abkhazia?
Elizabeth: It's sick. The guy could have passed a polygraph, his hate was that true. [pours wine] You know what I hate?
Henry: His hair.
Elizabeth: His hair!