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A plane flies through a storm in the Pacific. 

Meanwhile, Elizabeth is annoyed that Will has left food particles all over the place.  Stevie has to prep meetings about a storm in the US Marshall Islands. 

Henry and Elizabeth have a meeting with Mike B. He has set up a meeting with an evangelical pastor that Elizabeth thinks is too far right. Mike thinks if Henry can make friends with him it'll stop the guy from opposing her. Henry agrees to sit down with the guy.

Later, Elizabeth has a meeting with the NASA administrator. They have been worried about the storm.He has a heat map. He says thanks to global warming, these kinds of storms are becoming more frequent. Anyway, the survivors of  the storm need to leave permanently right now. He says the odds are too high of another serious storm happening at this island. He's off to see Dalton next and wants her to give Nadine his best.

The President of Naru was killed in the storm, along with about 1000 others. Hundreds missing.  The consular offical, David, who is 23 and pursuing a MPH at NYU is now in charge. David shows up in the office to talk to Elizabeth. The last thing he heard was from his mom about the flooding -- does she have news?]

David freaks out. He only took this job to pay for grad school. He refuses to evacuate Nahru because it is his people's home. He says the US ruined the environment and caused this. Elizabeth says the only assistance she can give is relocation.

At home, she's upset by the situation. She feels David is right -- it is the US' fault, but what does she do about it? There has to be a way to tackle this globally.

Three countries will take the refugees, but Jay doesn't think that will work. Australia won't take the refugrees. M Sec wants to get reparations for global warming. Matt suggests they call it a Resiliency Fund so they don't scare off donors.

Meanwhile, another storm develops.

Henry meets Eli Bragg and his daughter. Bragg thinks this is God's will. Henry immediately gets into it with him over this. They want Henry to avoid controversial topics in his speech. He suggests that he talks about poverty in the time of Jesus. Eli agrees. He and his daughter leave. Russell is not happy with this whole thing.

Nina and Blake think a celebrity who has a house in Fiji could house the refugees. He has tax issues so maybe he will give them his island. Jay thinks this is a long shot.

Elizabeth talks to David. He says that a structure on the island survived the storm and was meant to last forever, so the Nahru people are not leaving it behind. Elizabeth says she will have engineers move it.

Daisy talks to Bryce who says he is attached to the site of his wedding.  Daisy says the alternative is prison.

Elizabeth is upset that Bryce had to get a Nobel Peace Prize nomination to agree. They go to see Russell who says that Congress will reject the Resiliency Fund. Elizabeth says but 86% of Americans support it. Russell says that doesn't matter, gerrymanding has made the will of the people obsolete. Dalton agrees, saying that if Congress says no it will hamstring their environmental plans forever.

Elizabeth convinces Henry to talk about climate change at the conference even though it will be controversial.  Henry does. People are looking mad.

Bragg is upset. He says people are fallible, scientists are fallible. Elizabeth tells him that his megachurch is in a flood zone. Bragg says climate change is a tool of the government to grab power. Elizabeth says not her government or the one she wants to lead.

Ruby comes to Henry and says she likes what he said about God's masterpiece. She says that her father doesn't like empirical data. It's a generational thing.Henry tells her to check out David online.

Will and Mike B are having a staring contest while waiting for Elizabeth. He's mad that Henry made this speech. CRN is donating to the opponent. He quits.  He calls Elizabeth self-righteous. Henry tells him to go.   

Elizabeth talks to Blake on the phone. Tropical Storm Phoebe is now a typhoon. Elizabeth worries that Mike is right about her. His assessment of people is always dead on. So if he thinks it of her...  Henry says Mike isn't mistaken, but Elizabeth is stubborn, high-minded, and allergic to duplicity. But Mike is overreacting. Who cares about Pastor Bragg? He's not the whole evangencial community. Also Mike talks like the election is tomorrow when she hasn't even declared yet. 

Henry meets with Ruby. He knows that she used to be an activist.  She says charity is a cornerstone of her ministry. Henry says if she doesn't address climate change, God's creation will be uninhabitable. She is scared to speak out against her family

Elizabeth pushes for a resolution about climate change. Ruby Bragg will support it. Dalton says it's symbolic. Elizabeth says we have to define truth and agree on a shared reality before any work can begin. 

Nina interrupts. There is an urgent call from Blake about the storm. Blake says they have four hours before the storm hits Nahru.

Elizabeth calls David. He doesn't know what to do because they can't save his temple. The connection is lost.

Jay gets a call. Except for a few dozen who wouldn't leave, everyone is safe. David and his mom got off the island on time.

Mike has not called Elizabeth back so she goes to see him. He says something about experimental treatment in Germany. Apparently his dog has a serious cancer that cannot be treated in the US. He is determined to save the dog. He and Elizabeth talk. Mike is heartbroken about the dog but glad Elizabeth is there for him. He apologizes for the day before. He says he never quits.

Ruby goes on the air and openly disagrees with her father. 

The vote on the resolution is starting. Ruby's comments have gone viral.  The resolution passes 51 - 47.

Nina wishes the resolution had the force of law.

Blake shows them that Nahru has completely disappeared from the Earth. 

Elizabeth sits with Mike while he pets his dog.

Ruby comes home. Her father watches her through the window.

David and his mother dedicate a space to the building of their new temple on their new island.


Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 5 Episode 16 Quotes

Elizabeth: Has Russell signed off on this?
Mike: What's not to like?
Elizabeth: For starters, 90% of his policy positions. Climate change, healthcare, detentions at the border...
Mike: What's your brand again?
Elizabeth: Nice lady with the glasses.
Mike: Diplomacy.

Jason: For the record, the nachos were me.
Elizabeth: Whatever. You'd better be looking for your own place, Cookie Monster.
Will: Looking, yes. Finding no.