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Magnum got chickens as payment and he brings them back to the house where Rick and TC are barbecuing. 

The Ferrari is repossessed because a check bounced. Magnum borrows Kumu's Vespa to get to an appointment.

Luther and Magnum have the same shirt on and are competing for a private investigation job to find a guy who skipped bail. There are several PI's who were offered the job. It's a $200,000 job. Whoever brings the guy in is the guy who gets the money.

Magnum wants to borrow Higgins' computer but she resists. He tells her about the case and she's immediately interested.

Magnum talks to a soldier in Afghanistan or somewhere with Higgins' computer. The son of the guy who was murdered. He wants information about Skip Jenkins the murderer, but the kid doesn't know anything.

Magnum is still using the Vespa. He finds the storage unit the soldier talked about and goes searching when Luther shows up with the girl he's training, Willa. She's his protege.

Magnum finds Barry's laptop and they start looking through it then when he has the two guys looking for the power supply Willa takes off with the laptop because she wants the $200 grand.

Higgins saves Luther and Magnum and tells her what happened. He wants her to find Willa and the laptop.

Magnum goes to the non-profit where Barry worked. He gets as much information as he can but learns that HPD has most of it so Magnum calls Katsumoto. 

Willa runs into TC and Rick who takes the laptop out of the car as TC talks about Willa hitting his car. When she gets back to the car she realizes the laptop is gone.

Higgins has the laptop now and is investigating. Higgins lets Magnum use the black Mustang to check out a motel that Skip might be at. He finds him and cuffs him.

Skip claims he didn't kill Barry and tries to explain what happened. Magnum is starting to believe him and he changes his mind that the real client is the sergeant and finding out who killed his father and not getting the bond reward.

Magnum goes back to Skip's room and they talk about what Barry was scoping out before he was killed.

Luther shows up and Magnum tells him what's going on. Luther agrees to babysit Skip while Magnum goes to the warehouse to see what's happening when he ends up jumping into a crate full of cocaine that is transferred to a truck and he's along for the ride.

Magnum calls Higgins for help. He gets a call from Katsumoto who gives him information that the bail bondsman is involved in Barry's murder.

Magnum makes his presence known when the truck stops and he confronts Barry's coworker Sam who is behind the drug deals. Magnum tries to talk himself out of the situation when Higgins shows up with Rick and TC in tow. They take chase after the guy who gets away.

Luther tells Magnum that Skip is gone. Willa came to get Skip to take him to Travis who wants to kill him but she doesn't know that.

Magnum calls TC and Rick to go save Skip from Travis. They run into Willa and tell her what's going on as they go into Travis' office. They find Travis and everyone has their guns drawn.

Willa comes in with her gun drawn to help out. They shoot the fire extinguisher behind him and save Skip.

Magnum's car is on empty so they have to come up with a plan. They cause the other car to crash.

Magnum and team is at Barry's funeral. Magnum solved the case but didn't get a reward. He shares some of his story about his mother's story with Higgins. She died while Magnum was held in captivity and he never got to go to the funeral. He didn't even know she died until after he got released.

Higgins gives Magnum a big compliment that his mother would be proud of him. The Sergeant thanks Magnum for his help in finding his father's murderer. Skip is there too.

TC and Rick have a barbecue ready when Magnum and Higgins get back from the funeral. It's quite a layout.





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Magnum P.I. Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Rick: Curious? Do you even take cash anymore?
Magnum: Yeah, it has been a while, but, you know, I get some cool things sometimes.
Rick: You mean, like chickens?
Magnum: No, I mean like this grill.

Consider me Hawaiian Switzerland.