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Magnum is eating ice cream in bed when he gets a call from Higgins.

While they're on the phone the alarm at the estate goes off because there's an intruder onsite.

Higgins rushes home to find out what's going on and finds a trail of blood leading to the main house. Higgins is there tending the wounds of a friend who was an MI6 agent who was shot and jumped the gate.

He's there about Viper and his identity. The MI6 has been chasing him for years. Higgins tells Magnum Viper killed the man she loved.

Higgins pulls the bullet out. Higgins tells Magnum they have to go see the Fiona woman her friend mentioned. She wants his help.

Rick is working a case. He must be pretends to be Magnum while Magnum is helping Higgins. The guy wants him to run a check on his daughter's boyfriend.

Higgins has a plan on how to meet Fiona. They get to Fiona's location. Fiona agrees to see them and they are searched.

Higgins wants to know about Viper and Fiona spills.

Magnum asks Higgins' friend about her boyfriend, Richard Dane and he tells Magnum what happened. She was supposed to marry the guy a week before he was killed. She also went rogue to chase down the Viper.

Higgins is checking a hotel feed. Higgins figures out the source. Jing Yun. They come up with a plan to talk to Jing to question him. Higgins and her friend are planning to kidnap Jing which alarms Magnum.

Rick is investigating the boyfriend with TC.

Magnum calls Rick to see how the case is going but he also needs a favor. Who does he know at the state department?

He uses TC to get the real guests so Magnum and Higgins can take their place at the party.

Higgins talks with her friend again about Richard. 

Rick blows his cover. Magnum and Higgins get into the party.

As they get in a fan of his book starts to talk to him and asks a detailed question which Magnum expertly answers.

Rick calls Magnum to tell him he got fired and why.

Magnum and Higgins get Jing but get caught by the guards and have to give Jing back before she gets the answer about the Viper.

TC calls Ian to tell them there is a situation as Magnum and Higgins are put into a police car but he's gone when TC sees Ian dressed as a cop going into the embassy.

They are hit by a car. It was TC and he takes off in the police car as the cops are investigating the other car. TC tells Higgins about Ian and that he made a call to security alerting them to Higgins and Magnum.

Higgins thinks Ian is going to kill Jing because Ian may be the Viper.

Ian kills Jing as Magnum and Higgins arrive back at the consulate. They eye each other and Higgins and Magnum chase after him.

Higgins has a gun on Ian as he tells her why he did it. Magnum tries to talk Higgins down and she lowers the gun.

Rick goes to the boyfriend's house to apologize. He called off the wedding. Rick tries to convince the guy he's making a mistake.

Rick tells Magnum that the guy changed his mind and married the girl and Magnum won't be sued.

Higgins shows up and Rick leaves.Higgins share s a photo of her and Richard with Magnum and tells more about him. "He was a good  man, like you." Seriously?!










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Magnum P.I. Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Funny. That's the Juliet I know. This majordomo living in paradise. That's a stranger to me.

Higgins' Friend

Solving a case is like solving a jigsaw puzzle. You gotta have patience but once that first piece fits then that whole jigsaw puzzle falls into place.