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Rick tells Magnum about his meeting with FBI Agent Sloane. He refuses Magnum's help. Kumu goes undercover at the retirement center that Higgins is investigating after her client Vicki hires them to find out who ripped off her father Joseph. Thomas calls Lia to set him up with a local FBI agent, who is an old boyfriend of hers. Bank surveillance shows that Joseph withdrew his own savings. T.C. and Rick argue over Robbie again. Magnum reports back to Rick about what he learned from the FBI agent. Magnum plans to meet with Sloane to get Rick out from under. Joseph admits to Vicki that he lost the money as part of an investment group. Ron, the head of the investment group, dies from a heart attack. Higgins gets Katsumoto to order an autopsy for Ron. Magnum discovers Sloane is on leave. Joseph had sent a threatening email to Ron. Rick confronts Robbie. Robbie doesn't deny killing a federal agent. The autopsy showed Ron was killed with ED pills. Joseph admits lashing out at Ron through the email. Joseph says he invested the money so he could leave something for Vicki's future. Magnum confronts Sloane, who was friends with the late agent. Albanians are tailing Sloane. Higgins discovers Ron made money on the investments then stiffed everyone in the group. Ron's girlfriend Betty moves out. She's trying to escape on a cruise ship. They catch her at the docks with a suitcase full of cash. Rick encourages Robbie to tell Sloane what he knows. Thomas and T.C. debate how to handle Rick. Magnum admits that he's concerned about Higgins. Joseph gets all the investment dividends. Kumu makes plans with David. Rick gets Robbie a new passport and a berth on a cargo ship. Rick's car blows up with Robbie in it.

Magnum P.I.
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Magnum P.I. Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

If you're involved, I'm involved.

Magnum [to Rick]

Rick: If you miss me, you could have sent a text.
Magnum: Oh, it's that easy?