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Journalist Oscar Leota hires Magnum and Juliet to search for his anonymous source, who went missing. The source had called from a pay phone. Juliet makes an excuse to meet with Eve from Mi-6, who is calling about a mission for her. Thomas goes to check the pay phone. Old friend Robbie is moving to Hawaii, as he's escaping from his bad reputation on the mainland. T.C. is suspicious of Robbie's motivation. Juliet has to retrieve a flashdrive of classified intel by posing as the buyer. Magnum is being tailed. The owner of the nail salon describes the source, who is part of a flight crew, to Magnum. Thomas has Shammy tail his tail. Magnum finds the source, a flight attendant. She fingers Nathan Stallard, who was with the dead woman and had flown in other women. Juliet meets with Barlowe, who gets a call warning him about her. They battle, then he runs, getting hit by a truck. Higgins hopes to recover the flashdrive at the morgue. Rick feels he owes Robbie, who did jail time for a burglary they did together. He and T.C. argue. Magnum thinks that Stallard was bringing pregnant women to Hawaii and taking their babies. Robbie talks with T.C., who agrees to trust him. Stallard is running an illegal adoption ring. Katsumoto locates Stallard's house. Higgins recovers the flashdrive at the morgue and nearly gets caught. Stallard's house is empty but there's signs to indicate he has one more woman about to give birth. The police finds the clinic Stallard is using but a nurse texts him. Thomas spies Stallard heading to the roof and corners him, giving him a beating. Eve is chasing a group of disavowed Mi-6 agents selling services across the globe. FBI Agent Ray Sloane is pursuing Robbie for murder. 

Magnum P.I.
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Magnum P.I. Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

You're an adult. You can make up your own mind. I'm just asking that you do the same.

Rick [to T.C.]

I'm going to stay on this until I get to the bottom of this thing.

Magnum [to Oscar]