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During a stakeout, Higgins has a dream about a romantic sail with Magnum. They are successfully investigating the cheating husband, Jared, of a leading divorce lawyer. Emily, a new client, hires them to find Mikal, a man she met at a coffee shop. Higgins determines who Mikal is but she wants to check him out before letting Emily know. The lawyer wants them to serve divorce papers on her husband. Thomas recruits Rick to serve the papers in exchange for his paying up his bar tab. Juliet admits to Magnum she had a sexy dream about him. The marijuana grower at Mikal's address says a man is paying him to use his identity. They tell Emily to move on but she refuses, asking them to continue looking for him. Jared's girlfriend invites in Rick, while Jared sneaks out. Surveillance outside the coffee shop shows Mikal being shoved into a car by Polaris corporate security. One of them is Shane Whelan, the man who slept with Katsumoto's wife. Whelan says Polaris found out Mikal wasn't who he claimed to be. Gordon impounds Mikal's belongings. Fingerprints reveal that Mikal is Mason Adams, who blamed a Polaris herbicide for his sister's death. He was attempting to steal incriminating evidence. Mason stashed the evidence in Emily's purse, putting her in danger. Magnum and Higgins take out two men who broke into Emily's apartment. Magnum recovers an SD card from Emily's purse. More Polaris security including Whelan show up with Mason in tow. Thomas trades the SD card for Mason. The card Magnum gave up was the one with divorce photos on it. Katsumoto arrests the Polaris security force. Rick uses a fake coupon to serve Jared and his girlfriend storms off. Emily and Mason go on a date and he tells her about his sister.

Magnum P.I.
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Magnum P.I. Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

I know how crazy this sounds, but I felt like I made a real connection with Mikal.


Magnum: Pleasant dream?
Higgins: It was really a nightmare.