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Rusty questions his mother after catching her in a lie while the team investigates a rape case. 

An accused rapist who was recently let go is found murdered.

Rusty's mother, Sharon, wants to be accountable for all of her finances and gives Rusty a list. She's almost ready to go to a halfway house. She's given a prescription for pain pills.

A lab tech lied on his resume and all his findings were thrown out, making the case of the last victim null. An additional witness, who was raped overseas, was disqualified.

Now the rapist's victim is their best suspect. DDA Lee told the tale that the murder victim danced around the courtroom when his case was thrown out.

The voracity of how they go after the raped girl is extremely depressing.

The other rape victim still lives in LA and resides less than a mile from the murder victim.

The military girl says nobody gave a damn about what Lucas did to her until someone killed him.

The military girl, Laura, tells Sykes that she knows Lucas's throat was slit because he was still gurgling when she left last night.

Rusty's mom calls and she asks Rusty if he filled her prescription. Sharon reveals it was a forgery and no addict should be taking it. Rusty wants to handle it on his own. Sharon hopes confronting his mother with the truth will make a difference.

The more Laura talks about, the less it seems she's the killer.

Mom Sharon tries to lay her entire addiction on Rusty because he's gay. Nice. She's not blaming him and she's sure he did the he could. She thinks he should be showing her some of the forgiveness she's showing him.

Sykes wants Laura to give her statement one more time so Jackie can plead to something less than murder.

Laura wanted the guts to kill him so she could know if it would finally give her peace. Now she'll never know.

Mom Sharon calls Rusty to apologize. She's been drinking and needs a ride. She's not going to the halfway house. She's surrounded by trash and Rusty isn't going to help.


Major Crimes
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Major Crimes Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Sykes: She only confessed because someone was finally listening to her. I'm sorry I didn't see it coming, and it was a mistake I didn't record it.
Sharon: If getting a confession from a suspect is a mistake, then let's make more mistakes.

Rusty: I can't believe how many times people say 'hey I did it' and then you guys can't arrest them. What's wrong this time? Did she end her sentence with a preposition or something?
Sharon: She wasn't Mirandized, the confession wasn't recorded and she was drunk.
Rusty: [phone rings] Speaking of drunks.