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The Major Crimes unit investigates the death of a dog left $20 million and it's now dead owner. 

Rusty wants to get a job. Provenza thinks it's a great idea.

Provenza and Flynn get a call for a murder from someone they don't remember. It turns out to be a nut case who likes to impersonate cops. The estate they arrive at is filled with stuffed animals -- real life stuffed animals, akin to Trigger.

The death of a 13-year-old dog isn't the norm when the dog is heir to $20 million.

Baird was hired to protect Falcon, but he failed. When he says he killed the dog, Flynn and Provenza haul him in. Taylor is angry because the dead woman gave a lot of money to the police and still does.

Brewster's personal physician signed her death certificate. 

Eternal Meadows freezes peoples heads and promises to reattach them to younger bodies when they're unfrozen.

Mr. Kliner from next door is the dude calling realtors to try to buy the house so Sharon masquerades as an unknown niece to talk about it.

Kliner books when he learns the LAPD is coming. He grabs all the crab cakes and is confronted by Dick Tracy.

Dick Tracy is a hero, until he steals Provenza's letter of recommendation for Rusty and gets a job as a retail security manager.

Major Crimes
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Major Crimes Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Hold on. Arsenic? Where's the old lace? Who uses arsenic in this day in age?


When Captain Baird gives an order, we follow it, even if we can't quite remember who he is.