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Raydor's son visits leaving Rusty feeling out of place while at work the team investigates a murder victim with possible mob ties and Fritz Howard gears up to command the Special Operations Bureau.

Rusty is worried about meeting Sharon's son, Ricky. Ricky arrives and he's so cute!

Ricky isn't happy when he learns his mom can't escape work to have dinner.

Sharon and Sanchez talked to a man, Mr. Price, whose wife send him personal photos, but they were stolen with his laptop and posted on the Sweet Revenge website. She taught 9th grade and her son went to the same school, but even after intervening, people at the school and their son saw the photos. Kelly was given the chance to either resign or go in front of the school board. On the way home that day, she jumped from a bridge.

The guy who ran Sweet Revenge also ran all the sites that advertised on his site that promised to scrub the photos from the net.

Ricky thinks Rusty is a hustler and a con artist taking advantage of Sharon. He does not want her to adopt Rusty. Turns out he's been talking to Jack, the pig. Sharon tells Ricky she is so disappointed in him right now that she doesn't even know what to say. When she walks out, Ricky has some tears welling in his eyes.

Connor Price confesses to killing Travis so that his father can go free. That makes Mr. Price confess his own murder of Travis, by first setting up Ward. 

Ricky accepts Rusty into the family and they have a great discussion.

Fritz is having a heart attack, and asks Tao to take him to the hospital, but he can't tell anybody.

Major Crimes
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Major Crimes Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Flynn: Any idea why his boss was up in the middle of the night on his computer?
Sykes: Why are men ever up late at night on their computers?

Provenza: Are you telling me that women were interested in this creep?
Flynn: See? You should never give up.