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Stephanie and Tao run ballistics, shooting the Uzi into a tub of water. They look at casing under a microscope. Francine says this gun was used in all the murders. Tao holds the gun. Weapon was wiped clean and there was cornstarch on the gun.

Sykes surmises there was a third person involved. The other detectives agree. Tao has a list of gang nicknames. Provenza says Gray couldn't mention a third person. 

Taylor wants to arrest whoever killed Tamika and son. Sykes is sent to spy on Hickman. Provenza and Raydor interview Price again. Price claims the dogs were racist. Raydor asks about the weapon. Price seems surprised. His lawyer claims an open door policy and implies the cops planted the weapon. Besides he has an alibi -- there was an event for teens at the church during the murder and he was there. Price says Emile called him and was upset.

Julio and Stephanie talk about how the memories and the grief never fully go away. Stephanie regrets not being able to say goodbye to her husband. Stephanie suggests drugs, then laughs. She says she will go get some undercovers to check into the drug dealers. Julio tells her to stay safe.

Hickman invites Sykes onto his boat. He claims he was doing Bible study at the church. He points out he was right -- the dope was being moved. He doesn't know about the Uzi. Sykes wants to know what he was really doing at the church. He says he didn't need a warrant. He saw the Bloods inside and anyway Stephanie is a hack and her husband a terrible bodyguard. He wants to celebrate.

Sykes thinks Hickman planted the Uzi. He says she wouldn't have come back if she really believed that. Hickman thinks one of the Bloods in Tao's book was the killer and was only at the trial when Emile testified. Hickman says Sykes must leave before his wife wakes up. One more thing: the getaway car was never found.

Sykes calls Tao and asks if he found Emile yet and asks about who showed up during the trial. Tao has a name: "Buddha." aka Greg Mann. He has a body shop in Fontana.

Provenza asks Buzz should he get sesame chicken or rib eye for his wedding. Rusty shows up. Buzz tells him Gary is wanted for armed robbery. Provenza freaks out that Rusty talked to Gary. They have security footage. Gary robbed a store. Someone was driving a getaway car. Rusty is sure his mom didn't do it purposely.

Provenza is annoyed that Rusty was less than truthful with him. SIS is now following Rusty again. Buzz suggests telling Sharon. Rusty apologizes. Buzz just wants to question him about what happened.

Sharon and tao interview Emile. Emile claims he got clean in prison. He moved to Fontana to start over. Raydor thinks he wants revenge against Price. He claims not to know Tamika. Julio comes in. Tamika called a burner phone in Fontana. Buzz is dialing right now. Emile says Price is a liar but his phone rings... Emile seems surprised Tamika's dead. He is visibly upset, crying about Tamika. Raydor says people will think he is the killer. He says Mark Hickman was waiting when he was released and he already told him about the gun. Provenza calls Sykes. She pulls over Hickman. He threatens to explain that Amy has been helping him. She says he is going downtown anyway. He wants her to escort him. She breaks his side view mirror.

Hickman comes in and says annoying things about every one of the cops. Raydor interrupts and tells him to come to her office. He says he wants to talk right here. Sharon wants to know why he picked up Emile. He wanted to know where the weapon was and says that Emile was the key to this.

Tao wants to know why the third guy would kill Tamika. Sharon warns Mark she will arrest him for obstruction of justice and impersonation of a police officer. He says they are the phonies.

Raydor says they need to find out who Emile and Daniel are protecting.

Rusty talks to Raydor about the situation. He asks if Cooper can just shoot Gary. Sharon says no, and warns him not to get involved. She asks why he waited so long. Rusty didn't want to be an issue when she has a new job offer. She is not interested in that job, and anyway she doesn't want him holding back issues.

Buzz and Flynn want to talk to Price's younger brother, a former gang member. Tao says he had alibis for all three murders, but he didn't show up at his brother's trial and alibis were suspicious.

Stephanie wants to know should she make a deal with a dealer or will Dennis Price help them out?

Dennis is taken to interrogation. He says Jesus saved both him and Daniel. Daniel is his mentor. Julio asks if he taught him how to kill cops. Dennis says Tamika did everything for her son. Provenza is cynical. He wants to know where Dennis was when Tamika is killed. Provenza asks about the other murders. He was at the lock-in too. He can see why the case is unsolved if they are looking at him. He asks Provenza where he was when people were killed in his neighborhood. He says Emile Fisher is the top suspect. They called him Easy because he needed to be told to take it easy all the time. Maybe Emile framed Daniel. He has a prayer group to lead.

Stephanie thinks they should analyze the heroin. Sykes wants to question Emile again. Emile says he was scared when he was in prison -- where were they? He says he could get killed for being picked up and insists they can't protect him. He refuses to talk about Tamika.

Tao wishes they could pin a felony on Emile so they could threaten him with prison.

Cooper and the other SIS guy are after Gary, who is inside a trailer drinking a beer. The other guy sneezes and Gary runs. He gets into a car and drives off.

Hickman comes in yelling that Emile have been arrested. Flynn threatens to have him arrested. Tao tells him to turn in his visitor badge. Hickman says it's Tao's fault. Raydor orders everyone to stand down. Raydor throws him out. Tao goes after him. Provenza tells Sharon to give them five seconds. Everyone is upset.

Tao starts beating up Hickman and tells him to apologize to everyone. Tao says he covered for his affair with Rachel Gray. Sharon tells Tao that he needs to listen to her orders to stand down. Julio says that they had to get their visitors' badge back. Sharon asks if it's true Hickman was having an affair with Gray. Sharon says first pay Buddha a visit, then they will deal with this.

The cops raid Buddha's shop and cuff Burddha. Tao says no work orders and they should shut down the place. Tao says they have a consent form. Buddha says they can search his house for Emile Fisher.

Tao and Provena are ringing a bell. Flynn thinks they should just go in.

Meanwhile, Rusty accompanies Cooper to where Sharon was staying. He tells Rusty to stay put while he searches. Cooper says there are signs of a struggle. He tells Rusty not to worry. Rusty stares at the debris on the floor. Meanwhile, in the other house, Emile is found dead of a heroin overdose. Tao looks at the needle and claims murder 


Major Crimes
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Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 20 Quotes

Look, I'm glad we found the murder weapon, but it didn't come with a name tag and right now we are in the middle of a gang war and I need to arrest whoever killed that mother and child.

Chief Taylor

So the heroin was moved but the gun wasn't.