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Buzz takes video of Emil's death. They have a burnt spoon, lighter and syringe.

Provenza thinks it could be a suicide. Stephanie reveals Buddha is installing secret compartments in people's cars. He also has a bunch of burner phones.

No evidence of forced entry. Buddha was supposedly at work. Sanchez says Buddha could have given Emil bad heroin. The detectives surmise that perhaps Buddha was freaked out by Hickman, thought Emil was a snitch and killed him.

Emil didn't use recently, according to ME. Scars are many years old. ME can look for knockout drugs if Sharon wants.

Provenza wonders why there are no fingerprints on the syringe and what's up with the cornstarch? A mystery person called Emil and Tamika before they died. But the phone used is turned off so that may be a dead end. Sharon wants to know about the Prices. Daniel and Dennis were preparing for the funeral. Hickman was hanging around the parking lot.

For about the fifth time, Tao states Amy doesn't know Hickman personally and she is dispatched to question him while the other cops look into Buddha.

Buddha wants to know where Emil is. As kids Buddha stood up for bullied Emil. They didn't see much of each other. Buddha wasn't really in the gang.  He asks again where Emil is. Julio says Emily died from drugs. Buddha doesn't believe it. Not Emil. Seems like he didn't think Emil did drugs. Fynn and Julio ask about Tamika. Buddha has the sense to ask for his lawyer.

Buzz interrupts that Rusty's bio-mom was arrested for driving Gary's car.

Amy suggests Hickman should go back to his boat. His wife banished him because of the case. He doesn't like to think about Rachel Gray either. Every time the case shows up, his wife gets mad about the affair all over. He asks if they are talking about his marriage. Amy tells him about Emil. Hickman seems to know all the details and says he knows there was a third guy. He insults Amy's race (again) when she asks about his alibi. Amy accuses Hickman of the murders for a bunch of reasons. Hickman says that he was with his wife on the boat and he and Amy are done (big loss there) Amy recorded the whole conversation.

Rusty wants to know if Gary was with his mom. Sharon says no, but the car was used in a getaway. This conversation is interrupted by the actual case.

Hobbs has come there to inform them that they don't have much of a case because of Hickman. Stephanie says that Hickman is no murderer. Sharon wonders why the affair with Rachel Gray never came up. Tao uses the "he was my partner" card. Hobbs says Mrs. Hickman knew. She was a good cop and caught Rachel with her husband. Sharon wants to know why she was not told at the time as she was with IA. Anyway Rachel got around and slept with a bunch of high ranking officials. Sharon says Mrs. Hickman is now a suspect. Hobbs thinks this is unlikely and that is probably a gang killing. Sharon says the defense will use it. Tamika's boyfriend has been bailed out by Daniel Price. There are now two cars to be followed -- which one will SIS go after? Sharon thinks Price is shaking survelliance. Meanwhile, Stephanie and Julio must watch Barnes' house. 

Tao apologizes, Sharon says that Hickman is no good for the investigation.

Julio and Stephanie bond on the stakeout. Julio shares he drank all night when his wife died. He asks if that's how Stephanie dealt with stuff. She stopped after a while and did positive things with her life while hoping someone would be held accountable. Sweet scene where Julio admits accountability doesn't do for him what it does for Stephanie, but then shots are fired and they have to take off. Three people have been shot! Stephanie tries to help a victim who is extremely bloody and can't speak. Stephanie says silver car. She is upset and Julio makes the sign of the cross.

Chief Taylor demands the funeral be delayed because of retaliation fears. But Provenza accuses Price. Price's lawyer argues that his client's rights are being violated as usual. Price won't delay the funeral but can delay the processional and burial. LAPD must attend to keep everything secure. Price has Scripture to quote that Provenza is not interested in. They have someone else to talk to. Ptice's lawyer claims religious discrimination (!)

Taylor asks about gang intelligence. No connection between the victims and Barnes. Howard goes to deploy around the church.

Amy interviews Sherry Hickman, who knows who she is. She's not interested in helping. Buzz wonders how people can stay married who hate each other. Sherry is excited to see the Uzi but won't tell them much about it. Mark was in love with Rachel and was obsessed with her. Rachel told Sherry so. She was finished with Mark by the time she and Sherry fought. Mark never got over her. She assumes Mark was drinking during the shootings. Sharon thinks Barnes is the key to everything for some reason. But Sharon feels since Daniel paid his bail something's up.

Rusty's bio-mom didn't mean to hurt his feelings. She knows she has not been a good mother. She doesn't want to ruin Rusty's better situation. Rusty doesn't accept her rejection. He doesn't understand why she won't talk to the DA. He wants her to give up Gary. She yells that he doesn't understand, Gary will know if she turns on him and will kill Rusty.

Raydor is annoyed about Mark stalking Rachel and not being punished for it. Raydor says Hickman knew Rachel's routines, security procedures, etc. Julio says the dope that killed Emil was 92% pure and related to the dope in Tamika's vehicle. Sharon wants this kept confidential so Hickman doesn't find out about it.

The funeral. Lots of cops outside. Provenza has his whie hat. Price's lawyer is on the stoop. The lawyer tries to be rude to Chief Taylor.

Tao looks at GPS for some reason.

Raydor doesn't want Barnes alarmed during the service. All exits are covered. So far Barnes and Hickman are no shows.

Daniel Price prays at the end of the service that this is the end of gang violence. Provenza is looking around. Three girls sing Amazing Grace. Fynn thinks it is weird Barnes didn't show. Tao sees the burner on his tablet. It is at the church somewhere. Raydor wants a safety zone.

The phone appears to be near the lawyer's car. When he can't scare them out of searching he says that the phone isn't his, they planted it, etc. Only other person in the car was Reverend Price. Peter is going to sue everyone when they arrest him. Reverend Price goes to hang up his coat in the church and Hickman is waiting for him with a gun and wants a confession.  Price starts praying and Hickman starts yelling. Daniel Price says he killed Reese. Sykes and Flynn burst in. Hickman is arrested.


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Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 21 Quotes

Sanchez: Cause of death?
ME: Too much of a good thing, but that's unconfirmed.

Heroin sold separately!