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Flynn interviews Hickman who is obnoxious as usual.Why is Flynn doing a psychiatric exam anyway? Hickman is made to take a mug shot.

Hickman wants to talk to Sykes who is busy. This whole booking scenario is drawn out. Hickman says Price confessed. Sharon says the gun to his head makes it not count. Anyway, there's this thing called double jeopardy.

This guy is seriously delusional and claims everyone perjures and that Price's acquittal is Tao's fault for not backing up his lie. Conversation turns to Rachel Gray. Maybe he killed her, maybe he got the gun from Emil, etc.  They ask him about the burner phone. No fingerprints on it, but cornstarch all over. Hickman says it's obvious the phone is Price's. Provenza questions the coincidence of Hickman being around whenever they find evidence against Price. Hickman keeps insulting the detectives. If he had the gun years ago he wouldn't have waited til now to come forward. And Rachel broke up with him over the gun being missing. Raydor is unimpressed and tells him to write his alibis down. Tao realizes they are getting nowhere.

Julio talks to Stephanie who is on stakeout by herself. Julio is going to see the doctor who told his wife not to take seizure medicine anymore. He asks her to dinner the next day. Provenza interrupts.  Apparently Emile sent flowers to Tamika's funeral. Maybe Tamika was the third person in the car during the Reese murder.

Provenza is annoyed by all the gang nicknames. Patrice shows up and she doesn't want to plan the wedding by herself. She's mad he missed a catering appointment, no guest list, etc. She thinks they can just go to City Hall during lunch. He says he will take care of everything once the case is over. Patrice is unimpressed.

Rusty and Gus show up to talk to Provenza who is his usual grumpy self. Gus tells him about the threat, that Rusty thinks is not real. Provenza plans to take action.

Tamika was under age at the time of the Reese murder. Also Price paid John Barne's bond with money equallling the value of the heroin.

Sykes almost gives herself away by knowing the car used in the murder was never found.

The cops go to see Buddha who claims to know nothing.  Hobbs tells Buddha is going to prison if he doesn't cooperate. She wants to know about the Reese murder. He thinks it's blackmail. Buddha says he needs serious protection if he testifies. Price was using and moving dope. Price killed Reese. He wanted evidence to disappear. Dennis brought a car over. Tamika and Emile were there. Tamika was worried about getting arrested and argued with Emile. There's a flashback of the argument with a lot of stereotypical gangbangers. Buddha didn't want to help but Dennis held a gun to his head.  Lawyer wants dual immunity before they talk about John Barnes. Sharon surmises that perhaps Tamika told Barnes what happened.

Sharon Beck is brought to the station. She knows about the threats. She wants a guarantee that Gary will be arrested and tried before she talks. Her lawyer wants Sharon to be anonymous. 

Sharon B. didn't know about the robbery (do we believe this?). She shouldn't have moved in with him, blah blah. She called a friend from the program and he robbed the liquor store to stop her from moving away. Sharon mentions a burner phone that Gary may be using. Sharon R. doesn't quite believe this story.

There's a theory that Dennis is the killer but no evidence. Raydor considers making a deal with Barnes. Stephanie thinks she can get Dennis to tell her where Barnes is by threatening to bust him for the heroin using what Barnes has told them already. 

Sykes and Cooper go to a seedy motel. Cooper jokes about having brought girls there in high school. Sykes calls for backup. Gunfire erupts as Cooper tries to tell some young couple to move away. Cooper ends up shooting Barnes. Dennis is arrested but Barnes is dead. 

Cooper is annoyed he has to wait for SID. Meanwhile Provenza is annoyed by the catering options.

Sykes is dispatched to get the gun checked out, and Buzz finds heroin in the hotel room.

Sharon wants to know why she is hearing news secondhand. She's mad at Rusty for not bringing it to her directly.  Rusty asks if Sharon B. is telling the truth? Sharon R. isn't sure.

Peter Goldman was Barnes' lawyer. The dope in the motel matched what Barnes sold but was not cut with cornstarch. Provenza doesn't think that's important. He thinks they should arrest Dennis for murder and deal him out. Hobbs says she can't prove it's not self-defense. Sharon sends Julio to tell Price there was a break in the case.

Goldman tries to claim that the heroin was already in the hotel room when Dennis got there. Dennis isnt good at following instructions and insists his name isn't Klip instead of keeping his mouth shut. Buzz gets a call that Julio and Daniel are on the way up. Provenza takes his wedding binder to the interrogation.

Goldman claims all they can do is a misdemeanor weapons charge and that he will go pay the $100 fine himself. He walks out and sees Daniel and starts whining about violating his rights. Daniel is not happy to hear Dennis killed John Barnes. Daniel is shocked by all the heroin they found and that Peter represented all the drug dealers. He fires Peter. Peter claims the cops will ruin Daniel and the community without him.

Daniel trusts nobody. Sharon wants him to talk to Dennis.

Julio sees the case on the news while waiting in the doctor's office. He gets up very slowly.

Julio asks the doctor how his wife died. He says she had the accident because she was off her meds. Why did he take her off the medication? He tells him he didn't, he said he wanted her on them. Maria had to sign a consent form before she could get off them. Maria never spoke to Julio about it.

A wire is set up for the Prices. Raydor is not sure about this. She thinks Hickman was involved with the original murders. Flynn is looking forward to being alone with Sharon. Sharon is not sure she wants the NFL job. She is worried about Rusty and also thinks Amy has been talking to Hickman.

Daniel appears to be kneeling. Dennis has just arrived and looks angry. Dennis says he'll clean up the mess Daniel made when he allowed the cops to search. Daniel asks him if he has something to hide.


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Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 22 Quotes

The only reason he's free is because you committed perjury on the stand.


Flynn: Do you have any suicidal tendencies?
Hickman: When I think I could have ended up like you.