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Buzz realizes that the team's computers have been hacked and shuts them down, horrifying Dylan who says this is not good for the computer system. He passes a note to Provenza telling everyone to meet in the electronics room without phones. The team assembles and Tao and Buzz explain the hacking. Provenza says that though he doesn't totally understand computers, he thinks they can set a trap for Stroh.

The team knows they are being watched and starts leaving bait for Stroh. Dylan and Stroh watch, thinking they are going to get away with their plan. Meanwhile, Stroh wants to eliminate Hunt Sanford. Dylan is horrified because Stroh doesn't care about the possibility of killing Hunt's wife and children. Stroh gives him a very creepy speech about how other people are like ants who must be exterminated if they get into the house (does Dylan finally realize what he has got into?) He wants Dylan to hack into Hunt's calendar and contacts so he knows where to go to kill him. Dylan is uncomfortable but Stroh insists he do this.

While the team is working on this, Rusty goes over Stroh's history. Flynn fills him in on Mary Wellington. Rusty notes that Stroh became a lawyer afterwards just like he is planning to do. Gus and Flynn try to reassure Rusty that he is not like Stroh. Rusty says he is following Sharon's advice to identify with Stroh in order to stop him, and anyway that his problem is not that, it's that there is more to this Wellington thing than meets the eye. Rusty realizes that Gwen/Abigail's assistant is a Mrs. Wellington. He Skypes her and she tells him that Stroh's mother gave her other daughter money for college and then kept giving money to her til the day Liz died. She gets emotional. Rusty is genuinely sorry for her loss, as he understands because of having lost Sharon (he doesn't tell her that). Mrs. Wellington thanks the LAPD for bringing Mary's body back and excuses herself. Rusty wants to keep investigating but Gus reminds him that Sharon told him not to play detective, so he leaves the rest to Andy and Provenza, who find out from another victim's daughter that Mrs. Stroh paid her father off as well after Stroh poured acid on her father's arm.

The team makes it sound like they are cutting back on security for the boys and for Gwen in order to try to get Stroh. Stroh scoffs that if he wanted to kill his mom she'd be dead. In a shocking scene, Mason actually admits Provena knows what he is doing! He hopes Stroh takes the bait.

Dylan and Stroh hack Hunt's phone so they can get his calendar and find out he goes to a Dr. Daniel Perez every other week. Meanwhile, Dylan freaks out when his spying leads him to realize the MCU knows who he is. Sykes purposely presses his buttons, talking for his benefit about how he can't get a real girl and has to sleep with a 15 year old and PRovenza says he will pee in his pants when caught because that's what child molesters do. Stroh has a hard time getting Dylan to calm down and help him with his latest plan.

Gus takes advantage of Rusty trying to talk out the case by asking him if they can sleep together. Rusty is not particularly interested in that idea.

Stroh breaks into Perez's office and kills Hunt. Dylan transfers Hunt's money to his own account.

Major Crimes
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Major Crimes Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Computers are not my strong point, but I trust Tao with all the technical stuff, and Buzz… Buzz set up my printer. So I think we can come up with a plan to trap Stroh.


I hate technology! I don’t care what anybody says, it does NOT make us safer!