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A police officer is glad to see the detectives. A lawyer named Bonnie Pearl has been shot to death in her car and her purse has been stolen. Provenza thinks maybe it was a random shooting, but Sharon says nothing is random in the Palisades.

The next morning, Major Crimes goes to Bonnie's place of employment to inform her family before the media does, but there is already media in place. Apparently Bonnie had set up a press conference to announce her lawsuit against a seedy restaurant named Tackles.

Someone who works there says Bonnie's files are confidential but since the MCU has a warrant, she is forced to show them Bonnie's calendar and introduce them to her son, Stan, who wants to go ahead with the press conference. Stan announces on national television that his mother was assassinated by her political enemies.

MCU talks to the women who work at Tackles. They explain that the owner, Craig Curtis, uses young women and requires them to put up with sexual harassment on the job as well as dress scantily. Women over 30 are not allowed and they are expected to put up with patrons slapping their butts and otherwise touching them inappropriately. Andy thinks it's great that Curtis lays out the expectations upfront, but Tao and Julio explain to him that it's illegal to require the waitresses accept being molested as part of the job.

Meanwhile, Gus drop off a box of stuff of Rusty's and insists on coming in since they may never see each other again. Rusty reluctantly lets him. Gus tells Rusty that he is having trouble getting another job because Aiden fired him and won't give him a letter of reference now that they are not sleeping together. He also is concerned about Rusty's safety when he sees the wall of murders related to Philip Stroh, but Rusty tells him he's safe and anyway it's not Gus' business anymore. Gus leaves Rusty a book that Rusty had given him as a gift. 

Later, Rusty tells Sharon about Gus' situation and she tells him that Aiden's behavior is illegal and constitutes sexual harassment, and that Gus saying a lot of things happen in the restaurant business doesn't negate that. Gus could sue.

The investigation continues. One main suspect is Eric Walsh, who Bonnie helped a woman sue when he demanded she undress on camera and cursed her out when she didn't want to. Walsh rants about Bonnie but Sharon doesn't think he's the killer because Bonnie would never have rolled her window down for him or even stopped in the middle of the street late at night to talkl to him.

The detectives bring Stan in and under pressure he admits he didn't like his mom very much but insists he didn't kill her. He suggests they look at Walsh. 

MCU also talks to Curtis, who says that Bonnie's ex-husband will be at a book signing. Provenza and Tao go to the signing. There is a protest outside but one of the waitresses, Vanessa, is not there.

Inside, Provenza and Tao get their books signed. Jerry Pearl is found. He claims to be in mourning for his ex-wife's death.

Nolan and Page look for Vanessa at her apartment and find her body.

Major Crimes
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Major Crimes Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

Provenza: Bonnie's purse was missing. Is it possible this could be random?
Sharon: Nothing is random in the Palisades.

So what happened? She stopped, rolled down her window, and ados?