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The team takes photos/video at the scene of Vanessa's death. No sign of forced entry. Kendall thinks she was strangled or suffocated, possibly with a plastic bag. Sharon has a dizzy spell during the discussion but insists she's fine. The conversation continues. Sanchez thinks someone was holding Vanessa down. Sharon doesn't buy the idea of a phantom accomplice. 

The ME determines that Vanessa was incapacitated by a stun gun, a newer one that doesn't leave a mark. Her friend at Tackles is informed and assumes she attempted suicide because she tried it once before. Vanessa wanted to be an actress so the team thinks of Eric Walsh, but Walsh has an alibi -- he was at Starbucks working because he couldn't afford a real studio.

Surveillance footage shows the security guards at Tackles had the newer stun guns.

Gus comes to see Rusty at work. Rusty gives him the severance package from Aiden. Gus doesn't want it. He feels he's being paid for sex. Rusty is offended both because of his past and because Gus slept with Aiden twice. He is in tears as he walks off.

Curtis and his bodyguard Tick are here. Amy confiscates Tick's stun gun and it matches the one that was used on Vanessa. The team also finds out that Bonnie reminded Vanessa every week about her appointment. While Page is interrogating Curtis, Tao finds out where Vanessa's appointment was. It was with a psychologist named Jane Croft who specialized in helping sexual assault victims.

Rusty keeps rejecting Gus' calls while making dinner for Sharon. Sharon asks what's going on. Rusty fills her in. She thinks Gus will come around. Rusty doesn't care.

Rusty's college diploma has come in the mail and Sharon gets very emotional. She is proud of him and thrilled that he is going to law school next.

At the squad room, Stan is reluctant to give his mom's case notes and insists he didn't know about the rape. The psychologist, Jane, comes, and she tells them details of Vanessa's rape. Stan's assistant arrives with case notes.

Gus confronts Rusty and Rusty tells him he wants to forgive him but he can't trust him.

Sharon realizes that SA in Bonnie's notes means sexual assault, and that there are other rape victims out there. Bonnie and Vanessa were murdered to cover up the rapist's identity.

Later, Sharon and Andy go to see another heart specialist. Sharon asks Andy to take care of her kids if anything happens to her. She is scared to see what the specialist has to say.



Major Crimes
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Major Crimes Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

If your life is at stake, you put up a fight. But Vanessa just sat there. Why?


[Sharon falls]
Buzz: Are you okay?
Sharon: I guess I needed to sit down.