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 At Dr. Garza's office, the detectives find a bottle of Tequila along with evidence that Garza OD'd on opiates. They also find a suicide note on his computer.

Chief Mason thinks the note is a confession, but Julio doesn't believe it. He doesn't think Garza killed his own son to get opioids or for any other reason. He gets worked up about it.

The team needs to re-question the boys but they have lawyered up. Buzz suggests they temporarily drop all charges against Ryan Rojas to see what comes up. He is surprised that Sharon likes this idea.

Rusty wonders if this is ethical as the team watches Ryan talk with Father Jonas. Ryan says he wants to tell the cops everything. He blames himself for Lucas' death because he killed his stepfather and thinks the cartel kidnapped the boys and killed Lucas to get revenge. The team is surprised.

The FBI reappears and says they want to apologize for thinking it was a kidnapping for ransom. They also want to turn the Diaz family over to ICE for deportation. They are frustrated that the MCU says Miguel Diaz is a material witness. Everyone snickers at the idea that Major Crimes should share their evidence with the FBI.

Father Jonas is reinterviewed. Father Stan stops Sharon and asks as her priest how she is doing. He encourages her to have faith. 

Later, Sharon goes to the morgue to check out a theory. Her kids show up. Andy says they may need to go to dinner without them and that he isn't sure whether or not the rehearsal dinner for their wedding is still on. Emily worries that her mom is doing too much.

At home, Ricky doesn't like Sharon serving salads because he wants to take care of her. Sharon says life is not worth living if she can't do anything. Andy says that she is taking her meds and is fine. She changes the subject and they talk about the case. She doesn't answer when asked why she needs two doctors to look at the boys' throats.

Dr. Redmond shows up the next morning while Sharon is arguing with her kids about the rehearsal dinner. Andy shows him to the conference room and Redmond congratulates him on his upcoming marriage. Sharon tells her kids that she just has to show up to the rehearsal and gets back to work. She sends someone to tell Mason they are about to make an arrest.

Mason and the team watch. No one knows who the killer is.

Redmond says the boys have no evidence of scarring in their throat. Dr. Morales comes up and shows pictures proving they do. Redmond is arrested for the murder.

At Sharon's wedding, little Mark is impatient and wants to go last and miss the wedding. Rusty tells him the bride goes last.

The bridal party and groomsmen go in. A woman sings about love. Rusty looks at Gus, who is sitting in the front row.

Sharon looks gorgeous as Ricky takes her down the aisle. She is crying happy tears.

Major Crimes
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Major Crimes Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

Ryan: I have to tell them. I killed Hector and now Lucas is dead and who knows what the cartel is going to do next.
Hobbs: He just confessed to the wrong murder.

Sanchez: The suicide note was a fake.
Provenza: Julio...
Sanchez: What kind of father murders his own son and dumps the body at a church? Are you telling me he had no other way to get more oxy than to kill his own son?
Raydor: Julio.
Sanchez: This is not a suicide. It's a murder. [pause] Sitting down now, ma'am.