On Major Crimes Season 6 Episode 3, Sharon struggles to balance her religious beliefs and the need to investigate the local church's involvement in the boys' disappearance

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Major Crimes Season 6 Episode 3 continues the investigation into the disappearance of Lucas Garza's two missing friends. Father Stan, Sharon's contact at the church, is not happy that the MCU is investigating him and Father Jonas. He feels as Sharon's friend and as a church leader, he should be treated with more respect. Sharon points out that if the church would cooperate there would be no need for searches and the like, but the church leadership gets frustrated and threatens to ex-communicate her. Meanwhile, Sharon has some dizzy spells but forces herself to keep going anyway.

As the investigation continues, the MCU gets desperate for answers and Chief Mason decides to manipulate the press to move the investigation along, annoying both Provenza and Sharon. Sharon further alienates the church by having some bodies exhumed to try to find a connection between them.

Meanwhile, Rusty investigates the deaths of the people connected to Philip Stroh and finds that their only connection is Stroh. Buzz thinks Stroh is psychotic and that nothing he does will make sense but Rusty disagrees.

When the FBI double crosses the Major Crimes Unit, Sharon loses her temper, but then she collapses!

To find out what happens, watch Major Crimes Season 6 Episode 3 online.

Episode Details

On Major Crimes Season 6 Episode 3, Sharon's personal life may end up threatening her career in the middle of the search for the missing St. Joseph's three.

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Major Crimes
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Major Crimes Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Sharon: That is why we must investigate every suspect.
Priest: Suspects, yes. Priests, no.
Provenza: Sometimes on the Venn Diagram, suspects and priests overlap.

Father Stan: This search is unnecessary.
Sharon: It would be if the church had cooperated.