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Father Stan is offended that the cops are searching his church and treating him like a suspect. He is not impressed by Sharon's argument that he should have cooperated. He feels that as a member of the church he should be treated with more respect. Sharon's vision appears to go blurry for a second as he is talking.

Later, some higher-up in the church comes to see Major Crimes and threatens to ex-communicate Sharon for investigating the church. She says that she did not ask Father Jonas to break the seal of the confessional. The priest is not happy that Provenza is saying anti-church things.

Chief Mason tells a reporter that Father Jonas is a person of interest in the case and that he was having affairs with many of the kids' moms at the school. 

Sanchez returns to the Major Crimes Unit. He says Mark was worried when he saw the news reports. He is brought up to date about Marvin Garrett and his anti-Mexican vlog.

Major Crimes goes to Garrett's house and the FBI threatens to arrest him if he doesn't comply with a federal weapons search. While he is not in the house, Page begins developing a rapport with Kelly. Eventually, the cops find a bunch of guns hidden behind a bookcase and Garrett is arrested.

Garrett tries to say anti-Mexican things to Sanchez, demanding to know how long his family has been in the country. Sanchez and Skyes discuss the fact that according to the news, the Rojas have been here since before the Alamo and the Garazas here for three generations. Sykes wonders why the news is talking about how long people have been here to begin with. Sharon tells them to cut the politics and watch the interviews.

Kelly tells Page that she was dating Lucas. Her dad didn't like it. He never threatened Lucas, just her. Lucas and his friends told her they were skipping the trip to take cool selfies but wouldn't tell her where they were going. Lucas said it was a surprise for her.

Her dad says she was only dating the American part of Lucas and that Ryan was gay and into Miguel.

Mason turns the volume down on the interviews so they can see the news report he engineered. Sharon and Provenza are not happy that he can manipulate the media and they can't. Sharon is upset that the church will not be happy about this report, which Mason could care less about.

Meanwhile, Rusty talks to Buzz about Philip Stroh's victims. He wants Buzz to get info about how they all died so he can investigate this himself.

Sharon goes to church, crosses herself, and goes into the confessional. 

Sharon makes Rusty show her how he loads and unloads his gun. He says Andy took him to the shooting range and he is getting better. Sharon has another blurred vision/dizzy spell. Rusty thinks she should stay home the next day but she says she can't because she did something outrageous.

The higher-up in the Catholic church rants about the LAPD harassing undocumented workers by digging up graves. PRovenza says they exhumed graves of people linked to Marvin Garrett.

Garza's coworkers are interviewed and deny that Garza's wife was having an affair because Lucas' condition took up too much of her time. Sharon realizes that the kidnapper took Lucas in order to kill him by depriving him of insulin.

The FBI says they have a tip but won't share and the FBI agents disappear. Later, a news report shows that the FBI captured the missing boys in Mexico.

Sharon confronts the FBI agents and yells that she wants the FBI gone from her office and a court order releasing the boys. She suddenly has trouble breathing and gasps OH MY GOD before collapsing.


Major Crimes
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Major Crimes Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Sharon: That is why we must investigate every suspect.
Priest: Suspects, yes. Priests, no.
Provenza: Sometimes on the Venn Diagram, suspects and priests overlap.

Father Stan: This search is unnecessary.
Sharon: It would be if the church had cooperated.