Major Crimes Season 6 Episode 3 Review: Sanctuary City: Part 3

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As soon as Sharon started yelling at the FBI agents on Major Crimes Season 6 Episode 3, I knew she was going to pass out.

Her blurry vision, which I figured was some sort of dizzy spell, had been getting worse as the hour progressed and she never did get that flu checked out.

Rusty thought she was tired and suggested she stay home but she insisted she had to go to work.

So it wasn't a matter of if, but when, she was going to have a serious health issue.

Continuing the Search - Major Crimes

We've been down this road before, though not with Sharon. Flynn has had severe issues with his blood pressure and is a stroke survivor.

It will be interesting to see what happens now that the shoe appears to be on the other foot.

Sharon started gasping right before she collapsed and my first thought was that she had a heart attack.

She had been stressed out about the church's reaction to the case and the FBI's betrayal of Major Crimes by recovering the boys without telling them seemed to be the last straw.

She was upset and yelling and then couldn't breathe, all stereotypical symptoms of a television heart attack.

But maybe Major Crimes will surprise me, and it'll be something else altogether. It could also have been an anxiety attack as a result of all that stress, or she may simply just be exhausted.

Either way, the cliffhanger was suspenseful despite how obvious it was, and I can't wait to see what happens next!

That aside, I couldn't help wondering who was right: Sharon or the FBI?

For some reason, FBI agents on most TV crime dramas exist for the sole purpose of fighting with local police and attempting to take over the investigation. This was no exception.

I thought that Vega had a point that since the boys were in Mexico, this was an FBI matter.

I also thought Sharon had a point. People could have died as a result of the police action she ordered without knowledge that the boys had already been found in another country.

Had she not collapsed, the FBI would have had a significant fight on their hands, and I'm not sure who was more right in this situation.

Sanchez: I heard on the news that the Garzas are third-generation Americans like me, and Danielle Roja's family came from San Antonio -- pre-Alamo.
Sykes: Why is the news even talking about how long people are here for?

In other news, Sanchez is back! I'm glad he finally made a reappearance. I was beginning to wonder if the Major Crimes Unit needed to spare some detectives to look for him since he'd been MIA since Major Crimes Season 6 Episode 1.

I loved how calmly he handled Marvin Garrett and his delusional rantings. That's good character development for Sanchez, who has struggled with anger management problems in the past.

I'd like to see him in more of a major role, but I'm glad to see him back on screen. Hopefully, he will have more to do as the case continues.

Speaking of Marvin Garrett, is he another red herring or is he actually involved with the disappearance somehow?

I tend to suspect red herring. A crazy white nationalist who rants about his next-door neighbors being "illegals" is an obvious suspect when three Mexican-American boys, including the one he ranted about, go missing.

Garrett is obviously hiding something since he was desperate for Kelly not to talk to the cops, but what?

Kelly said her father didn't approve of her relationship with Lucas and had threatened her,  but Garrett seemed to begrudgingly accept the relationship since he claimed she was in love with Lucas' American part only.

There was no real evidence that he killed Lucas to keep the two apart, even if he did want the LAPD to interfere with the relationship.

I'm curious about where, if anywhere, this line of investigation will lead.

Page: No news is good news, right?
Provenza: No news is nothing.

The raid of the cabin yielded absolutely nothing. Since the FBI had the boys in custody already, maybe this was a good thing, but it certainly seemed like a waste of time.

Sharon: Chief, you tipped them off!
Provenza: You said that this investigation was not a press opportunity!
Mason: I changed my mind.
Provenza: So it's okay for you to decide that and not me?
Mason: That's right. I'm the boss. And sometimes the press can make inroads where we can't.
Sharon: This is gonna make the church very, very angry.
Mason: I'm not a Catholic.
Sharon Well, I am.

Meanwhile, was Chief Mason right to manipulate the media to move the case forward as he did?

Provenza was right about him being hypocritical, but that's beside the point.

It seemed like Mason created additional problems between the Major Crimes Unit and the church, and there didn't seem to be much of a point to alienating the priests further.

The church elders were already offended at Provenza's anti-church barbs and felt Sharon should be giving them more consideration.

By spreading stories about Father Jonas and children's mothers that may or may not have been true, Mason ensured they would never cooperate with the investigation. Maybe I missed something, but how did this help move the case forward?

Sharon: Enough about guns. Did you and Gus ever get to talk?
Rusty: No. I'm gonna write him a letter like they used to do in the 1980s just to say no hard feelings.

I'm glad that Rusty is going to end things by snail mail. It seemed like they already ended things when Gus went to Napa, and as an anti-fan of this relationship, I'm glad to see it go. 

Rusty quite frankly deserves better, and with the series ending, I don't want him stuck with Gus. I hope this is the last we hear of that failed relationship.

Rusty: How many clumsy people does Stroh know. An electrocution, a drowning, a car going over a hill side...
Buzz: There doesn't seem to be a pattern.
Rusty: Stroh is the pattern.

Meanwhile, Rusty continued the investigation into Philip Stroh's latest troublemaking.

I wish that we didn't have to have a different incarnation of this storyline every year. I would have preferred it end after Rusty testified at Stroh's trial and then we moved onto something else.

Stroh appears to be a supervillain that can never be caught. I hope this time that turns out not to be the case. I like seeing Rusty work alongside Buzz to figure out what happened, but let's move on to something else already!

What did you think of "Sanctuary City: Part 3?" 

Is anyone else ready for this mystery to be over so we can move on to something new?

Are you as excited to see Sanchez as I am?

What's wrong with Sharon, and how will Andy react?

Weigh in below, and don't forget that if you missed anything, you can always watch Major Crimes online to catch up.

Sanctuary City: Part 3 Review

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Major Crimes Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Sharon: That is why we must investigate every suspect.
Priest: Suspects, yes. Priests, no.
Provenza: Sometimes on the Venn Diagram, suspects and priests overlap.

Father Stan: This search is unnecessary.
Sharon: It would be if the church had cooperated.