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The episode kicks off with a flashback to Flight 828 where a young Olive meets a teen TJ. He recommends a book, so she develops a crush on him and decides to go on the flight back home with her family. 

Unfortunately, or fortunately know that we know the full of extent of what happened, TJ takes the last sean.

Fast forward to the present day and Olive encounters TJ at her father's office. She helps them decipher a calling about the Grammercy Club, but it's unclear what they're supposed to find there. 

Olive pretends she doesn't remember TJ at all, but when he learns about the death date and how Ben lied to him about it, she admits that she does remember him. 

She offers to take him to the Church of Believers, and TJ looks mesmerized. 

She also informs Adrian, the church leader, about the death date calling, though he remains unfazed and encourages her to believe. 

Mic gets a Calling that leads her to a local bank where she bumps into Zeke, who got the same Calling.

They find themselves in the middle of a bank robbery. 

Mic observes that the robber is inexperienced, and Zeke takes a chance to knock off the robber's mask. 

Mic is shocked to see that it is a Flight 828 passenger named Logan. 

Logan informs everyone that he wants access to a safety deposit box instead of money. 

Ben and TJ's Calling turns out to be connected and leads them to Logan's brother, Frank, who has shunned his brother because he doesn't believe it's him. 

The two convince him and bring him to the bank so that he opens Logan's safety deposit box. 

Frank apologizes and gives Logan their father's compass, which Logan gives to Mic upon being arrested. He informs her that it protected both his grandfather and father from death and hopes it can spare them all from the death date. 

Mic realizes there's a peacock engraved on the back of the compass similar to the death date warning peacock they saw. 

She tells Zeke it's the first step to finding out what's going on. 

Jared realizes Mic and Zeke are serious and pursues a local bartender that he was flirting with. 

Mic and Zeke hook up after she listen's to Evie's mother's advice about allowing herself to be happy. 

Saanvi realizes that The Major didn't take her bait and instead, realized that they were onto her during her session.

She finds all of her research, which she locked away inside her closet, is stolen. 

When they go to the psychologist's office, everything has been cleared out. The Major left behind an apple hinting at Saanvi's apple being the giveaway. 

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Manifest Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

I had another Calling. What do you know about a bug, a bird, a fish, and a tiger?


Bartender: Just ask me out for dinner already.
Jared: I would, honestly, but I just got out of something. Two something’s, actually. Not really ready for another something.
Bartender: Then maybe we just skip the dinner.