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The episode begins with a flashback to Flight 828. Saanvi is waiting for her boyfriend, Alex, to board the plane, but he never shows up. He tells her can't make it because he has a family. 

She's telling the Major about the moment and how she assumed he would be waiting at the airport when the plane reappeared. He wasn't.

The Major encourages her to write an email to Alex to gain some closure since she's still so angry. 

Ben hosts a guest lecture at the university to prove that he deserves a job. The class becomes disheveled as the only people that turned out were those interested to ask about the disappearing plane. 

However, TJ helps Ben get things back on track and Ben gets the job. 

Vance wants Ben to pass off a fake passenger to Saanvi so she tells the Major about it and they can pinpoint the leak. 

Ben feels so guilty about lying to her that he comes clean. 

Saanvi immediately becomes skeptical of everyone and calls her therapist for an emergency session. 

That's where she informs her that she's made a huge break in the case and subtly slips in that she left her samples in the fridge at work. 

She set up cameras and as suspected, one of the Major's goons went inside Saanvi's lab and stole the vials. 

Ben declares that the therapist is the Major, which cheers up Vance who says they're going to turn the table on her. 

Grace meets a mom at a yoga class who she believes is in danger following a Calling that tells her to "open her eyes." She also sees a gargoyle flying above her. 

She and Cal do some research and approach the woman at a children's soccer match. 

The woman seems terrified of Cal and informs Grace there are no open spots. 

Grace later confronts her and offers help but the woman tells her to stay away because she "recognized her freak son."

Grace flips out on the woman. 

We later see Erika talk to her husband, who is the professor who gave Ben the job at the university. 

We see gargoyles as a symbol on the school, which proves the connection that Grace was seeing.

Mic realizes Zeke is in danger because of his Callings and when she tries to visit him, she's informed that he was moved and there's no record of the "where."

She panics and begins calling every single prison before finally locating him. 

She rushes past the guard and finds Zeke, who is chained up in a hospital bed. She slips him the note of an attorney willing to present his case and he admits he screwed up. 

Mic takes the stand to put on record that Zeke accidentally shot her while also stating that Jared broke into her house because he was jealous. 

Zeke gets out of prison much to the delight of Cal.


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Manifest Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Vance: I have a plan if you'd just shut up for a minute.
Ben: Vance, we need to find this mole.
Vance: No, we need the mole to lead us to the Major.

Mic: I am not trying to hurt you, truly, but I'm gonna help Zeke. And I'm going to do whatever it takes to do that. If you don't want to help me that is your choice, but be prepared.
Jared: Was that a threat?
Mic: It didn't have to be.