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The penultimate episode of Manifest starts with Mic, Jared, and Drea working the interrogation room for the three criminals they brought in. 

Chase and his men refuse to turn on each other, even as the three agents try to pit them against each other. 

Jared tells Mic that they'll have to take a stab at them the next day, but Mic tells him she can't make it because she's getting married. 

He's visibly shocked, confused, and hurt, but she explains that Zeke has 2 days left to live and she didn't want to make Jared feel like he had to attend. 

He tells her not to apologize and that he'll be there. 

Ben gives Mic and early wedding present as he plays her a tape of her mom playing wedding dress-up with her. 

Mic tells him she's having doubts because saying "yes" made Zeke stop treatments and feel more content with pulling the plug on his own life. 

The three criminals are transported to a high-risk maximum prison. On their way, one of them fakes a seizure and when the guard comes to check on him, Chase knocks him out and they escape and plan their revenge on Mic.

Meanwhile, Zeke arrives at Mic's apartment and begins to shake ice chips off of his body. 

When he sees Mic later, he makes a joke about getting "cold feet."

The duo arrive at Ben and Grace's house where the wedding is set to take place, and Zeke realizes Cal is upset with him. 

He chats with Cal, who doesn't feel like celebrating when Zeke is dying. 

Zeke asks him to be his best man and to throw him a bachelor party. They eat a bunch of food and play Monopoly together. 

Zeke also tells his mother he is dying after she says she doesn't want to be in attendance for his wedding because his dad is coming. 

She doesn't want to give up hope, but Zeke tells her he's found peace. 

Mic is by his side, but she begs Ben to find some kind of answers or clues as to how to save Zeke. 

She believes his mystery Calling of the plane exploding again could mean something bigger. 

Ben pursues this Calling and goes to the "explosion site" where he finds Wade, another passenger, who says he has been plagued by these Callings. He feels guilty because he believes he glossed over something during his inspection. 

The two of them work together to compare the before and after reports and realize the plane was in exactly the same condition when it left Jamaica and landed 5-years later. 

Ben believes he has completed his Calling, but he gets another one and finds their mother's veil. He brings it to Mic, who is now about to cancel the wedding, and she takes it as a huge sign. 

She confidently walks down in her wedding dress and once Jared sees her, he realizes he cannot be here to witness it, so he leaves. 

As he exits, the car with the three criminals drives off after him.

Mic and Zeke get married in a beautiful and intimate ceremony. She promises to fight for him until the end. Once they say "I do," she sees her mother's ghost smiling down on her. 

The party goes smoothly, and Zeke says his final goodbye to Cal before they get in the car and jet off to their honeymoon. 

Cal goes to play outside while everyone cleans and sees three shadows behind him. He is kidnapped by the three criminals, who call Mic on her way to the honeymoon and demand all their meth lab product in exchange for Cal's life.

Saanvi is pursuing the head of the department, Mr. Cardoza, to find out why she was fired. He tells her that it was above his pay grade and she must have upset someone at the government-level. 

Saanvi knows exactly who it is and tries to contact Vance with no luck. She eventually reaches out to Ben who tells her to contact Vance's wife. 

She pretends like Saanvi is insane, but relays the message. 

Vance meets Saanvi at the travel agency later and informs her that the Major has made a breakthrough in her research and is cleaning up loose ends. He offers to help Saanvi disappear, but she informs him she wants to fight back. 

Ben gets another Calling of the plane blowing up, which throws him off because he thought he did what it needed him to do.

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Manifest Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Flight 828, it just blew up all over again.


He wants a final celebration instead of being hooked up to the machines at the hospital.