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The season 3 premiere kicks off in Havana, Cuba where the tailfin possibly belonging to Flight 828 was previously fished out of the water. 

Ben Stone, dressed in a rather spiffy white outfit, hs arrived looking for answers.

He's tracking down the San Antonio boat to find out more about the fisherman's interesting discovery, which he was alerted to when Cal had a vision and drew him a picture. 

Upon finding the ship, Ben gets a vision that's also experienced by Cal back in New York and Mic, who is on her honeymoon in Costa Rica with Zeke.

In addition to seeing themselves illuminated in a bright light, they also notice a woman they've never seen before. 

Ben is able to sweet-talk the fisherman into showing him what they found at sea, and he's shocked to see it's the plane's tailfin. 

When he approaches and touches the fin, he sees the vision again and is thrown halfway across the room and knocked unconscious. 

Cal and Mic also have the shared vision. They realize they have to help this unidentified woman. Cal realizes she's a passenger of Flight 828 named Angelina who they could never contact. 

As luck would have it, her family owns a home in Costa Rica not too far from where Zeke and Mic are staying. 

The duo ventures out to and speak to the very religious parents who say they haven't seen their daughter in months and note she began experiencing paranoia and hallucinations upon her return. 

Meanwhile, a kid sneaks into the warehouse and films Ben's mysterious encounter with the fin, which then goes viral. When a Cuban cop sees it, he approaches Ben for answers. Vance and another agent, who are in Cuba with Ben, swoop in to rescue him.

They steal the tailfin and try to outrun the agency, but when they realize it's impossible, the agent forces Ben onto the getaway plane while Vance stays behind and surrenders along with the fin. 

Back in Costa Rica, Mic and Zeke connect with Angelina's friend, who informs them that she last saw her a few months ago but couldn't keep in touch because her parents were so clingy. 

That's when the duo decides to pay the parents yet another visit. Mic has a vision of Angelina locked up and in distress. She realizes that she's probably trapped somewhere in the home. 

When she goes to use the bathroom, Zeke pretends to faint so that he can buy her some time. Mic follows the Callings to an underground basement where she finds Angelina locked up in a cellar ready to take her life. 

They rescue Angelina and take her back to their vacation home before arranging transport back to New York with Ben and the agent. 

In New York, Cal informs Grace and Olive that Ben will be bringing a new visitor home so he needs to clean his room. 

Saanvi, who is now working at her own private clinic (which also houses Vance's headquarters in a back room), continues to deal with the guilt of killing The Major. 

And The Major's daughter reaches out to Jared for help finding her mother. She explains that she thinks her mother's disappearance is linked to Flight 828, so she believes Mic will be able to help her as the DOD has dismissed her at every turn and said the case is "classified."

Once everyone arrives back at the Stone home, Cal informs Grace and Zeke that he feels the same ominous feeling he felt when the three shadow men first appeared. 

Ben and Mic discuss the tailfin, and he admits that he thinks they died on Flight 828 in an explosion and somehow resurrected. 

When he mentions resurrection, the three shadow men who drowned in the lake during Manifest Season 2 finale float to the surface and wake up. 

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Manifest Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Mic: The Callings are a blessing in that they can save our lives, but hell if they are not a curse as well. And I can’t miss even one, not if I want to grow old with you.
Zeke: Oh, you’re going to grow ancient with me.

Mic: So great being back on an airplane. I’m totally cool with it.
Ben: Yeah, not panicked at all. What year do you think it’ll be when we land?