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  • Karen tells Miles that she trusts him. 
  • Olivia and Brett talk with Dr. Vivian and they address how Olivia isn't affectionate and doesn't initiate it. Brett does feel rejectected often. She has a wall up when it comes to intimacy. They also have a difference of opinion about kids. 
  • Miles and Karen talk to Dr. Vivian about intimacy. Karen struggles with it in general but also has a hard time doing it and talking about it in front of the cameras. 
  • Christina and Henry talk to Dr. Viviana about intimacy and she encourages them to be more open and vulnerable with one another. she even gets Henry to intiate some contact with Christina. Christina says that she's open to him making a move but he has to set the pace. 
  • Amelia and Bennett do an intimacy exercise about how much they like each other. 
  • Christina and Henry do an intimacy exercise. He admits that he has confidence issues and insecurities from being overwheight as a child, and Christina tells him to get over it. 
  • Henry goes out to talk to Bennett and Bennett reassures him. Bennett shares that Amelia may have to relocate soon.
  • Woody and Amani have a fun, playful intimate exercise. 
  • Brett and Olivia talk to Dr. Viviana. Brett talks about how much he likes Olivia. Later on, Olivia feels that he wasn't being genuine. It leads to another disagreement. She thinks he fakes things for the camera. 
  • Christina doubles down on lack of confidence being a dealbreaker for her. 
Married at First Sight
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