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  • the couples celebrate their month anniversary and it's the eary stages of the pandemic. 
  • Amelia meets up with a friend and decides to write and sing Bennett a song. Bennett meets up with his sister who his afraid that her brother is falling for someone who doesn't feel the same. 
  • Olivia tells Brett that she wants to speak with Dr. Cal.
  • Pastor Cal talks to Olivia about her trust issues and Brett about being a different person when the cameras aren't rolling. 
  • The two of them watch their wedding together on their anniversary and seem to be in a better place for the moment. 
  • Henry talks to his friend Kristen who still isn't found of Christina and warns him against having to change for someone. She talks about Christina's rudeness with production. 
  • Christina talks to her friend who asks if they've gotten intimate yet. He encourages her to make a move if that's what she wants. 
  • The two of them watch their wedding tape, and Christina forgot how close they were on their wedding day and that they had kissed. She tells him that she'll stop comparing him to her exes but also reminds him of how different he is and quiet. 
  • Woody gets Amani diamond earrings after they've had a talk about him not budgeting. She cooked him dinner. They also meet up with Karen and Miles and hang out. 
  • Karen and Miles go over their wedding vows again and their wedding tape. They get closer. 


Married at First Sight
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