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In order to help Jason stay corporeal, Peggy promises to acquire him more Zero Matter, something that she'll only get from Whitney Frost. When Daniel reminds her that there's no way she can sneak in conspicuously, she comes up with what she calls, "a terrible idea." She teams up with Dottie, and asks for her help in acquiring Zero Matter.

After Peggy's injury, Ana is growing more and more concerned about Jarvis' involvement in covert operations. 

Calvin, who is growing more and more concerned about Whitney's power, gets Whitney a chance to speak with the council on her own. 

At the campaign party, Jarvis and Dottie go undercover to capture a sample of Whitney's blood, when they run into a familiar face; Jack Thompson. 

While Jarvis tries to warn Jack that he's swimming in dangerous territory, Dottie gets the blood sample Peggy wants. She escapes, but as she finds a hiding spot, she spies on Whitney's meeting with the council and sees the true reality of what Whitney is capable of doing.

Chadwick double crosses Whitney during the meeting with the council and the effects are deadly.

Whitney takes control of the council and sets her own plan into motion. 

Vernon presents Jack with a dangerous new challenge.

Marvel's Agent Carter
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Marvel's Agent Carter Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

You came here in disguise, not in an official SSR capacity; that means you don't want this visit on the record, which means you're probably going behind someone's back. How naughty!


I have a terrible idea.